Dear M ‘us’

Dear M Once in a lifetime We want to feel We want to love And be safe with someone We hunger for it Long for it And seek Till we find it Yet I never sought Cause I allready knew That the day was coming The day you found me In month 5 of 'us' … Lees verder Dear M ‘us’

Dear M just dream

Dear M Everybody needs a dream or two To stay 'alive' and sane Dreams give us hope Dreams makes us drive I bet you dream of us Of me and you Walking away in the sunset Just the two of us No worries or bad moments No sorrows and no regrets Just warm and tender … Lees verder Dear M just dream

Dear M ‘us’ is very strong

Dear M The days are hard and lonely On just 2 sides Of a narrow little ocean 1.15 minutes apart We had plans a few weeks back A get to know eachother In a nice comcy hotel bed But a bad guy came between What started of badly With no light in it at all … Lees verder Dear M ‘us’ is very strong

Dear M faith is strong

Dear M When things go bad Its easy to loose faith To see darkness The way you face it differs It dit go bad for a moment You struggled past it On your way back Back into the light You found things Worth fighting for Where I fought To make you see After a raugh … Lees verder Dear M faith is strong

Dear M the end is near

Dear M Since your second question I fell hard for you I still wonder though Why me? Forever is not long enough To hold you close to me To love you every minute To make love to you I would give my life for you But I also feel a bit helpless Because at this … Lees verder Dear M the end is near

Dear M passionate love

Dear M You have a way of words That reaches me more Then anything else In this entire world Passionate you share Passionate you show Passionate you say How passionate you are While just days ago I really thought And for brief moment knew That I had lost You That fear is still not gone … Lees verder Dear M passionate love

Dear M, not long I promise

Dear M The place you are Is scary, narrow and dark It's not where you ment to be Nor ever thought it 4 walls surround you I doubt a window But I hope That you still will see I know you feel me As I feel you I feel you scared Where I wish there … Lees verder Dear M, not long I promise