“Good Bad Girl” is Eileen Carey’s new hitsingle

Eileen Carey Launches New Single, “Good Bad Girl”Song Debuted to Nashville Music Journalists During Country Radio Seminar

(Nashville, TN April 10, 2017) Responding to the media enthusiasm she generated with her recent round of performances during Country Radio Seminar in Nashville, California singer-songwriter Eileen Carey has just released a stunning new single, “Good Bad Girl.”

Like such earlier Carey hits as “Let It Go” and “Bottle Your Crazy Up,” “Good Bad Girl” is light of heart and serious of purpose–which pretty much describes Carey’s whole approach to music. “If you can see the fun side—even the silly side—of relationships,” she says, “you have a much greater opportunity to illuminate the things that can—and do—go wrong. It’s that whole spoonful-of-sugar recipe.”

“Good Bad Girl” conjures up a complete romantic scenario in which Carey flits flirtatiously from good to bad to much, much better. Entertainment reporters who heard Carey debut the song during a special Nashville luncheon performance during Country Radio Seminar applauded it wildly.

“I don’t want to do ho-hum songs, the kind you vaguely hear in the background while you’re checking your phone,” Carey asserts. “That’s not fair to your audience. Give me lyrics you have to think about, even if they’re making you tap your foot at the same time.”

“Good Bad Girl” will be featured on Carey’s fifth studio album, produced by Travis Allen, which is due out this summer.

A native of Cleveland, Ohio, Carey has long since risen to prominence in the West Coast music scene. She is a three-time Los Angeles Music Award winner, a South Bay (L.A.) Music Award recipient and, in 2013, was named by CBS L. A. as one of Los Angeles’s Top 10 Female Musicians. 

The Story of Country Music, part 3 by Isabel Blanco

Picture those freed men and women bringing along there songs from the hart while meeting up others who also made their folk music creating yet another great new sound. Country.Jimmie Rodgers well known from his Country songs was also a Blues artist. Big Joe Turner could play for hours without repeating himself. Today we talk about Blues.

The Story of Country Music part 3, by Isabel Blanco


By Isabel Blanco

Let’s talk about the Blues. I do understand that most of you still have the blues about the passing of Rayna James in the hitseries “Nashville” or Mister Chuck Berry. Rayna James is country music as we like it and Chuck started as a Blues artist before he kinda invented the ROCK music as we know it. It is sad, it is a dark feeling, a loss. A deep feeling. A feeling which we know as the Blues is therefor the best kind of music there is to describe what we feel in pain. Blues music! The other opponent of our beloved Country Music.

Just like Hillbilly Blues also rised around the end of the 19th century. Combine Gospels and Spirituals, African and European music, chand it, shout it, feel it and we all know what we talk about.

Blues shuffles, bass walking, 4 chords and the groove is born. But where dit the term Blues come from? Is it the alcohol that many artist sing? Or dit it come from another origin. It is not really known. Some say it came from England around 1600, or that George Coleman used it in 1798 in his on act Bleu Devils. Or is it because of the first printed copyrighth in 1912 “Dallas Blues” by Hart Wand? I think it developed in the ages that the music and people developed.

“But I still got the blues in you…..”

Dit you know that the music played by the Toearegs tribe who live in the desert of Morocco sounds a lot like Blues? It gives an imagine of how Africa is rooted in this music. Inspiration is also found in the beloved spirituals of African Slaves and yes we do not want to talk about that horrific dark side of the history, fact is that this music inspired many many musicians who adapted the work songs as it should be! But without these work songs with the music from the tribes we would not have heard of Blues nor from Country. The gospels and spirituals arose at the end of slavery, when the freed slaves brought along the music. I cannot imagine any modern music form without it to be honest. Any form of poverty, including all sorts of labor slavery gave us folk and work songs. The songs written in those early day’s inspired many to sing, to make music or dance. A relief on hard labor or a change to tell the story. Great songs that still excist today and that gave us stars in the early day’s Ma Rainey, Bessie Smith, Louis Armstrong, Billie Holliday.

The early start of recording around 1912 made Blues very popular. But it took some years before the first Afro Ameican made a recording, Mamie Smith was the first february 1920 she recorded “That thing called love” followed by Bessie, Ma Rainey, Louis Armstrong. They where popular and loved.. Its hard to imagine these day’s but back then it gave huge problems. To stay in the gospel phrase thank God things have changed.

“Oh happy days……” “ Go tell it on the Mountains….”

Picture those freed men and women bringing along there songs from the hart while meeting up others who also made their folk music creating yet another great new sound. Country.

Jimmie Rodgers well known from his Country songs was also a Blues artist. Big Joe Turner could play for hours without repeating himself. And I must admit also that my first spoken words where not daddy or mom but “Blueberry Hill” must be genes I think.

There is so much to tell about Blues music but I am here to tell you the story of Country Music. Its a privilige to know that this music that may be simple in writing is part of it. And what sounds simple on paper is in fact a cry from the heart. And thats why many love it so much.

Hoe ontwaken we uit een nachtmerrie

Gelukkig hebben we de gang naar de stembus gehad. De hele campagne was meer gestoeld op verdeeldheid creëeren dan om duidelijk te maken waar het echt om gaat. Mensen tegen elkaar uitspelen mbv retoriek. 
Er zijn harde woorden gevallen. Zelfs vriendschappen zijn kapot gegaan. Waar ging het echt om? Het kapot bezuinigen van de zorgstaat om uit de crisis te komen. Echter ik heb er bijna niets van meegekregen. Slechts immigratie en islam werd veel gehoord, gezegd en uiteindelijk gehaat. 
Populisme werd de kern van de campagne. Ongevraagd na een ondoordachte Brexit. Ondoordacht omdat de standpunten voor de Brexit kort erna al onmogelijkheden en leugens bleken. Vervolgens kreeg die zogenaamde linkse media ervan langs. Politici willen niet meer met de media praten en sites die voor lezers van alles en nog wat verzinnen kregen de overhand. Het fakenieuws is weer eens hip en modern, massaal delen we alles op bijvoorbeeld FB. Het gevolg is dat zelfs met bewijs dat het niet klopt mensen in verweer komen tegen de waarheid. Toen in die hoax ook nog Trump gekozen werd als president van de VS was het hek helemaal van de dam.
Hoe herken je het??? Simpel de insteek is een krachtige kop de inhoud slechts een handvol woorden die iets suggereren maar de kop van het nieuws niet bevestigen. Veel van dit nieuws wordt gemaakt op kantoortjes waar mensen betaald onzin verzinnen om ons op het verkeerde pad te brengen. Propaganda dus om ons te laten geloven dat iets niet goed is en iets anders geweldig. Inzet rechts populisme, de afbraak van de zorgstaat plat gezegd. Linkse hobby’s zoals een het noemt. Alsof werkloosheid een hobby is of hoeveel werkloosheid het oplevert als je alle subsidies stopzet. 
Bijna waren we er ingetrapt bijna. MAAR Nederland zei nee. Tegen teveel populisme, maar waar we nu ja tegen gezegd hebben???
Er is teveel bezuinigt door het Kabinet, dat is zeker hoewel we er niet meer uitkwamen waar we op moesten stemmen. De opkomst was hoog maar ook het aantal zwevende kiezers, ruim 75%…… reken dat eens uit, 17 miljoen kiesgerechtigde waarvan bijna 15 miljoen geen idee had op wie en stemwijzers nodig had. Bizar. Nu moet uit de puinhopen een kabinet gevormd worden. Ala Rutte willen we niet meer, alles is kapot en wegbezuinigd. Gek genoeg vinden we een rechts kabinet wel goed. Maaaar die is exact hetzelfde als Rutte!!!! We zijn zo versuft van retoriek en oneliners dat we het niet eens meer doorhebben…. 
Ik wijs ze dan ook veel wijsheid toe in het Haagse, dat ze nu eens luisteren naar de signalen van ons allemaal. Dat het tijd wordt om in te zien dat een zorgstaat nodig is om elkaar te helpen en dat ze erin slagen om ons weer te verbinden. Ik ben daar wel aan toe. Een ontmoeting met elkaar in de nasleep van de meest bizarre verkiezingen sinds WOII.

The story of Country Music, part 2 by Isabel Blanco


Author: Isabel Blanco

The story of Country Music


Earl Johnson, a barn, a dance. That brings us back to 1919. And even further back. The Hillbilly culture and music. It was their culture and music born in Appalachian that gave us the music as we know it today. A Folk music that is extremely popular in the US and the world. And to picture all that it is time to write that story as it should be.

In the North East of the US into Canada are the Appalachian Mountains. In this area  mostly Protestant immigrants from Ulster, Ireland, settled in the 18th century. People who knew the raugh life, hunger and even war decided once again to move further away from Scotland, Ireland, their home country into the new promised land. To find a better future, a better life for themselves bringing along there openminded culture. They moved into the mountain areas in the US, founded communities and lived there side by side with the Indians. Real frontier settlers who lived in parts where life was not that easy. Sharing medical knowledge, herbs, food with the natives. They seemed to be, in my opinion, one of the few who had no problem at all with the natives. Living there under hars cirscumstances away from civilizations they relied upon themselves. Bringing with them Celtic influenzes and “witch-craft” medicine. 

I found some amazing stories via Printerest while looking for pictures. Yes they where poor, mostly not well educated like the rest of the country but the Hillbillies had something else which is rare. They had tight communities, a granny as a doctor, old celtic roots for music, and big sense of surviving. Like they dit not need anything more then the mountains, family, friends to survive. Like back home in the UK, ENgland they had no money for a doctor. They learned over the centuries how to us nature and herbs to find cures for illnesses. It was very common that many communities had a family with women who had the knowledge to help out. The granny would train the daughter and granddaughter to become the “medicine woman”. If it weren’t for Henry the VIII that knowledge would have vanished due to the withtrials from the Catholic Church. Not that it was prohibited but I believe that England had more potention for a “witch” then the rest of Europe. Thankfully the grannies mergen their knowledge with the natives. Instead of fighting them they lived alongside with them. Learned from eachother, shared with eachother. That made them to me very social frontier people. But many thought of them as poor and unaducated. One other interesting story to tell is the fued between the Hatfield and McCoy family which started in the civil war in 1863 and ended in 1891 in the Tig Fork and the Big Sandy River in the Kentucky, Virginia area. It started when the families split up in the civil war. Most fought for the Confedrancy but 1 McCoy who joined the Union. He got killed for doing so after being home on sick leave. A fued was born in all its cruelty. When after the murder the son of Hatfield fell in love with a McCoy it dit not get easier. A child was born out of wedlock, a shame in both families and a girl had to flee the territotry. Enough fuel for many songs you think but I found only 2. The impact however was huge, many where killed or injured in this long lasting fued that ended after The Supreme Court decided that the law was obided to all, including the Hatfields and McCoys. They had to stand trial and face jail. Seems hard to understand but back then the sherif was either opposing the Hatfields or the McCoys. A bit lawlessnes back in the days. Today it is big business for tourism in the area.

It does display that the people who lived away from civilization had their own ways. So as it was and is in the music they make, sing and play. But without the Hillbilly, mountain people I dare to say we could not enjoy the country music as it is today. What had evolved from dances in a barn like we know from western movies, series and Pa’s fiddle from the “Little House on the Prairie” becames well known throughout the country and later in the world.  It started with the first recordings in 1927 in the Bristol recording session with the Carter Family and Jimmie Rodgers. 

What had started around 300 years ago, Europeans and Africans coming to the US with their own music and instruments gives us today Country Music. But how that happened can be read in part 3.

The story of country by Isabel Blanco

The story of Country Music

Author for CMNI, Isabel Blanco

Introduction to the amazing sory of country music, part 1

Most people are totally dedicated to country music. It’s a part of their life like breathing, as well as the artists who write and sing this music style. But do we also know where the roots of this music are? Its older then pop and rock yet it fusioned with both styles and made it even more popular then it ever was. Popular artists like Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood gave the music a whole new crowd. In fact I dare to say to even folks who where never into country like country songs nowadays. Maybe it is about time that one of the most popular music sites starts to write about where it all began, almost 100 years ago.

100 years is a long time to last for a music style. Where most styles are popular f0r a decade or so like the 80ties pop or 60ties rock country stayed alive generation after generation. I am not saying that we forgot the influence of the Beatles, Bowie and the Stones, certainly not but be honest who are the new stars of the 60ties? There aren’t any, the music evolves and evolves and brings new styles like hiphop, dance, techno but country stayed. Sometimes raw like rock, mellow like pop and dance, but mostly plain as it was written over the century.

Country is emotion, it’s dedicated to life and maybe just maybe that is the reason why we still can listen to this music. Everywhere we want, on internet, in podcasts, spotify, I-tunes, cd, old fashion vinyl it is everywhere. In the all charts we find the songs not just in the specialized charts for country where we can find all the latest hits. 

Don’t you agree that it is pretty amazing that 1 music style stayed in tune for almost a century? That it is not the ghost from the past sung and danced to by our parents and grandparents?

So where dit it all begin? That is what I wanted to know and that is how this series of articles began to take you back and forth in this original beautifull music story. A story that could have written by you. 

“Ik weet waar je woont” 

“Ik sla je verrot als ik je tegenkom”, “vuile roodnek”, “jij woont vast in Noord Korea mafkut”, “rot hier op” ….. en zo kan ik nog wel even doorgaan. Het zijn de krachttermen van die zogenaamde PVV aanhang die zich niet durft te uiten. Althans dat zeggen ze. Ze worden gediscrimeerd beweren ze nu in dagbladen. Wekelijks zie ik ze nu voorbijkomen in dagblad Tubantia en denk dan “zucht je weet anders wel van wanten, je houdt je mond niet dicht op twitter”. Ze voelen zich aangeschoten wild maar is dat wel terecht? 

Ik ben al jaren actief op social media, schrijf stukken, twitter en heb uiteraard een facebook account. Toch valt het niet mee. Sinds een jaar of 10 is de stemming anders. Ok ook ik ben wel es pittig bezig geweest in het aan de kaak stellen van dingen maar schelden komt niet in me op. Ik kan het niet eens en verbaas me dan ook van het verbale geweld uit 1 specifieke hoek, de extreem rechts populistische hoek. Juist diezelfde groep die beweerd dat ze gediscrimeerd worden. Hoe dan? 

Er wordt met nepnieuws gegooid en dat heb je maar te accepteren als echt, journalisten worden uitgescholden, de leiders zijn standaard de ‘corrupte elite’ en Trump het beste wat de wereld is overkomen. Nu met de verkiezingen hier moeten we Trumpiaanse activiteiten tolereren van Wilders? Not! 

Een tijd terug vergeleek ik het met een aantal periodes uit de geschiedenis waaronder WOII, Staling, idd ook Noord Korea maar kreeg maar liefst ruim 690 bedreigingen naar me toegeslingerd van anonieme Wilders fans die door mijn openheid wel meteen ook mijn adres gingen plaatsen. Voor het geval er iemand stoer genoeg was om inderdaad mijn ruiten in te gooien. 

Na dit hoor ik dan dat ze zich niet mogen uiten??? Ik wordt al jaren bedreigd omdat ik het dus niet kan vinden in die extreem rechtste hoek. Nooit gekund ook.. ik begrijp echt niet waar die mensen het vandaan halen, al jaren verzieken ze sociaal media met hun geschreeuw. Moet ik dat dan echt serieus nemen? Jankende PVV aanhangers die nu ook kranten bestoken met een jankverhaal ‘ik mag niets zeggen’??

You and I

You and I
Somewhat years ago, we talked about a letter

A letter written to prevent a disaster

A letter written straight from the heart

Somewhat years ago we drifted
Before that time we where lovers

Lovers with a series of good times

It felt like a lasting love

A love to last forever
Somewhat months ago, we talked about live

A talk that changed our lives

A talk that changes our future

Somewhat moths ago our hearts drifted
Before that time, we where lonely

Lonely in two differents lives

One solitary, one married

But our hearts melted again
Somewhat days ago, one life was shattered

A quaral disrupted our lives

A truth that had be said

Somewhat days ago, ‘us’ was discovered
Before that time we could talk freely

In our prefered time

Prefered ways

Knowing we cannot do without
A good day ago, we discovered something new

Our melted hearts 

Cannot be departed

We seek our way to stay together
Not one can seperate us. Never again