Dear M, mi casa es su casa, sharing a life

Dear M Falling in love Is such a wonderfull feeling Staying in love However is a task Once committed easy But if not a drag For us its a commitment That will bond our lives Some would say We go fast But why wait? In taking these steps We have a lot in common That … Continue reading Dear M, mi casa es su casa, sharing a life

Dear M let’s change the world

Dear M. Do you think We can change the world Or at least a bit? In expressing our love? Would it really change Points off views Bring togetherness And with it peace? In war and peace Love is not easy To find or hold Yet our world is full off it Around 1880 it changed … Continue reading Dear M let’s change the world

Dear M words fail me

Words fail me... Two nations, two oceans Change in one togetherness By the time you read this All the inspiritation In this world Is not enough To discribe what I feel Its not enough To tell you What I need Its not enough Because the words Ain't there They fail me Somethings are better off … Continue reading Dear M words fail me

Dear M. The way we love…

The way we love, The way we love Should be up to us The once we love Should be our choice Gender should not matter Once in love So help me remember Its ok to love you As I remember you Its ok to love me In our current world It seems more ok But … Continue reading Dear M. The way we love…

Bernadette, de kleine boodschapper

De kleine boodschapper Diep in de bergen Lag een grot verscholen Goed genoeg voor de varkens Massabiele Niemand kwam er Slecht de arme meisjes van de molen Zoekend naar Sprokkelend hout Was de grot op de koude winterdag Op hun pad gekomen Als herderinnetje ziek en verwaarloosd Van de harde minne weer thuis mogen wonen … Continue reading Bernadette, de kleine boodschapper

WAK week Enschede was weer TOP!

De week voor de Amateurkunst geeft kunstenaars volop kansen hun werk te laten zien. Dit werk van Leonie Bossing was bijvoorbeeld te zien bij de bibliotheek. Stel je dit eens voor. Een stad, een centrum, wijken, een park. Dit geheel besteedt aandacht aan kunst in allerlei vormen. Immers waar de 1 graag schildert, maakt de … Continue reading WAK week Enschede was weer TOP!

Poetry from the heart By Dorothy Leighton 

Dorothy Leighton, healer and psychic is someone that I met years ago. Its like we know eachother for ages. For some time now she also started writing poetry. These three I want to share with you. If you read them you understand. Believe.... 0 Reviews Write your reviews  I want to know  the look of … Continue reading Poetry from the heart By Dorothy Leighton