Dear M, you found the key to my heart

Dear M Once upon a time Some six months ago This beauty of my Landed upon my soul You saw right through me Right into my soul Into my heart In a cluster of time Touched by your words I finally got to see What true love Really means to me As written And said … Lees verder Dear M, you found the key to my heart

Dear M Only you… Dear M I promise you no more tears Except those of joy and happiness As we endured enough And suffered Dispite all that We gave it a change We gave love a real change To really love again Are we meant to be? If we wheren't We where not 'us' For the world to … Lees verder Dear M Only you…

Dear M. Equality comes with love

Dear M. Watching Selma right now makes me realize how many battles are needed for equal rights and benefits. But just like then and in South Africa, Nelson Mandela up to 1992, equality seems there but its not there yet. There is hope though for all cause I had a dream that 1 day... no … Lees verder Dear M. Equality comes with love

Silent grief

Silent grief Captive off words Silent grief Never to hear you speak again Never to see your smile again Those amazing eyes When you rejoice Like a thief in the night, Quick without remorce Came the morning Our voices silenced Captive of words A voice calling "Your brother is no more" A voice silencing Or … Lees verder Silent grief

Kunst in beweging

Kunst in Beweging Nummer 77 mei 2018 galerie Connie Harkema waar beeld en woord samengaan Hoofdstraat 1, 8723 BE KOUDUM Friesland Reiservaringen Po√ęzie Kunst kijken en beleven in Koudum Al eerder hebben de galeries en het Lunch Atelier uit Koudum een gezamenlijke folder gemaakt. Nu is er ook een gezamenlijke advertentie op de plattegrond van … Lees verder Kunst in beweging