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This site had a wonderful interview with Eileen Carey explaining why she is THE ULTIMINATE STAR IN COUNTRY


Tuesday, April 26, 2016

(Back in the Studio With Producer Travis Allen Childress / New Single In Time for the CMA Fest in June)

The truth about Eileen Carey is that there is no one like her in country music today. She is truly an original. And as her final single release from the Let It Go album “Bring on the big” co-written by Angela Kaset (“Something In Red”) and Amy Dalley, declares she is ready for the big time. After 14 career music nominations and five trophies; and having topped all of the country and AC/Top 40 charts , there is little doubt that Eileen has arrived.

She is this year’s New Music Weekly, Breakthrough Country Artist of the Year, but in fact has been mentioned with the A-list of Country Music women for years. Her positive life reaffirming subject matter and bright danceable grooves continually find homes in line dance groups and clubs worldwide.
“Country. Pop. Rock. Eileen Carey’s music blends all three styles together in a way that feels uniquely hers. I’ve just been trying to think if there’s any other artists out there like her right now and I can’t think of any. “ Nashville’s Country Music According to Kim, Kim Alexander, April 2016.

“I grew up in Cleveland into The Beatles, Pretenders, Motels…pop music. People are talking about how I crossed over with my recent re-mix release of “Faith”, but I charted AC and Top 40 from the beginning of my career,” Carey says. “I see my songs as little films. Stories with a point of view,” the ex-actress says.
Featured on KCAL 9/CBS LA’s The Weekend Morning Show this past January, the longtime Supercuts Ambassador’s music video views of Bottle Your Crazy Up, Party at the Beach and Faith, are racking up major label numbers, with plenty of summer and fall performances ahead for her growing fanbase to enjoy. Eileen will be playing Rippy’s two consecutive nights, Friday and Saturday the 6th and the 7th at the Country Music Festival in June.

Currently in the studio working on new material for a fifth career album with her stallworth producer Travis Allen Childress of Nashville Tracks, and writing with hit songwriting partner Kathrine Grimm, Carey has set a caracteristically high bar to reach,“This past year has been a whirlwind,” says Carey. “But a whirlwind’s my kind of weather. My fans have made all the achievements possible, and I intend to match their enthusiasm with equal musical energy.”
Like her music Eileen Carey is a lot of things, but impossible to pidgeon-hole. She is an animal rescuing, kick-boxing, wisdom and good sense “Music Mom” (featured as such on trhe Nick Jr. docu-comedy ‘Take Me To Your Mother’), darling of the Venice Beach California homeless community, and a no holds barred women’s advocate country-pop singer -songwriter. If that seems far-fetched, you don’t know Eileen Carey.

“There are two ecstatic moments for a woman,” says Carey.  “One is when she falls madly in love, and the other is when she realizes she has all the skill and strength needed to captain her own life.  A lot of my songs are about the latter ecstasy.  I see the songs as representing a kind of sweet militancy.”
She is also, one of the most “pay-it-forward” artists in any genre of music today. She puts her considerable influence in California to good use for the communities she lives in. For years Eileen donated her performances to the Annual Summerfest on Venice Beach, California for the Homeless, and the Make-A-Wish-Foundation, in 2014 she was honored at the event as it’s Spotlight Artist. Last July she co-produced and co-headlined a fundraiser at for the non-profit called FixNation, which provides free medical services to the homeless animal community in Los Angeles, primarily the cat population, at the legendary Autry (Gene Autry) Musuem.

Eileen’s fanbase though, has recognized her for a long time, for beinjg just that, being that eclectic country based musician that charts top country at the same time topping her share of AC/Top40 charts as well; and with the same track. Actually no surprise about this Ohio girl who has spent the last twenty years creating her brand of California Country, out of Altadena, CA, in the foothills of Pasadena. Like a Keith Urban or Daruis Ruckers, she is that kind of artist that is a true crossover, adding new dimensions to both. She rocks country as good as anyone, while taking the subject matter to a different place then country usually goes to.

“Eileen Carey is a singer-songwriter-vocalist in the Pop-Country genre who has emerged over the last few years as both an accomplished storyteller and effective, appealing stylist, while making music that deftly combines country influences with pop arrangements. Her songs also offer distinct, prominent messages about personal empowerment and emotional fulfillment.” – Ron Wynn, Nashville Music Guide., 2014.

Nick Vucinovich, April 25, 2016 for Country Music News International
Christian Lamitschka um 7:17

‘Purple Rain Prince AVI’ he will be missed

57 jaar, Prince “Purple Rain” en “Nothing Compares” zijn de bekendste nummers van his, royal badness die gisteren plotseling overleed.

Hij brak door in de jaren ’80 stond bekend om zijn “jamsessions”. Prince had de gewoonte om bij een tour na een concert de stad in te gaan om zomaar ergens te spelen.

In 1992 was hij in Barcelona vlak na de Olympische Spelen.  Op de Ramblas,  de kop Placa de Cataluyna, gaf hij spontaan een concert met een plaatselijke band. Ik was erbij met mijn nicht. Onvergetelijk je loopt over straat en hoort de 1ste noten van dit prachtige nummer.

We zullen hem missen.

Kim’s outstanding review for Eileen Carey’s album ‘Let it GO’


Eileen Carey’s name is rising. More and more articles every day for this new star who is living the dream. This review is from Kim who loves the album ‘Let it go’.

Country Music, according to Kim
Exactly what the title says. My name is Kim and I love country music.

And this is country music, according to me.

Album review: Let It Go by Eileen Carey

Country. Pop. Rock. Eileen Carey’s music blends all three styles together in a way that feels uniquely hers. I’ve just been trying to think if there’s any other artists out there like her right now and I can’t think of any. Eileen grew up in Ohio and relocated to California over 20 years ago. An independent artist, she has made quite a name for herself in California. That said, she spends a fair amount of time in Nashville and come to find out, she used Nashville musicians to track the songs of Let It Go with all of the vocals recorded in Los Angeles. Oh, what a world we live in. I feel like you can hear influences of both places throughout the album.

Let It Go is Eileen’s fourth album and features three covers and eight originals. Five of which Eileen co-wrote and I was pleasantly surprised to see that another artist I like, Amy Dalley, co-wrote the other three. She (Amy) wrote “Anything That Reminds Me Of You” with her husband, Jack Sizemore, who is one of Jason Aldean’s guitar players. Funny how things work out.

The best thing about Let It Go is how positive and enpowering all of the songs are. The songs are all about letting go of the things that weigh us down so that we might be able to move on to something better. This is a strong album and one that I would definitely recommend taking the time to check it out for yourself.

So how about we take a few minutes to look at each of the tracks?

“Bring On the Big” – A song, just released to radio, that’s all about deciding to go after the big dreams that you have for your life. It’s about being ready to take that leap of faith and just go for it. In an album that is so wonderfully upbeat, this is the perfect song to kick things off. It’s inspiring and a good one to sing along with since it’s one of those songs that makes you feel like you could actually go out there and make your dreams come true. The big ones.

“Anything That Reminds Me of You” – One of the things I enjoy about this album is the recurring theme of letting go of the things and feelings that hold us back. This one is about getting rid of everything left over from a relationship that has now ended so you can finally move on. With an infectious beat that’ll most likely get you dancing around while you pack up all the things that person left behind. Or, as the title sais, anything that makes you think of them.

“Let It Go” – Not to be confused with the smash hit from Disney’s Frozen with the same name. Much less angst in this one. Who said letting go of things had to be a painful experience? What I think makes Eileen such an interesting artist is her ability to make her songs come across like advice from a good friend. Someone who has gone through some things and wants to share the lessons she learned to help other people going through them. It’s a combination of the actual lyrics and the way she delivers them. This is the first album of hers I’ve ever listened to and yet you almost feel like this is someone you actually know, as weird as that may sound. Some singers just have that knack.

“Don’t Get Me Wrong” – Honestly, this is an album that you can really just dance your way through. As some of you know, I always love when albums have a good flow to them and Let It Go absolutely does. Fantastic energy throughout and “Don’t Get Me Wrong” is a great example of that. Always nice when an album is good for your waistline as well as your ears. One of the covers on the album, this was originally done by The Pretenders.

“Party At the Beach” – Because sometimes you just need to destress and let your hair down. What better time to do that than the weekend? As Eileen sings, “I’ve been working so hard I deserve to smile”. Indeed. If you can get to a beach, do it, but you can just crank this up and have a party in your living room. Or wherever. Some cool guitar licks in this one.

“Only the Lonely” – The second cover on the album, this song was originally performed by The Motels. One of the more low key parts of the album, tempo wise. If there was going to be a point where the energy level might have dipped, it more than likely would have been here. But it didn’t do that. It’s a great vocal by Eileen, but I want to give the musicians their due here. I like the instrumental break quite a bit. That wonderful energy that’s flowed through the album is still very much present which is great.

“Joey” – Cool groove to this one. Everyone is cooking on this track, but it’s more of a slow burn, if you follow. It’s one you sort of sink into. I caught myself singing along with the chorus by the end the first time I listened to it. I love when that happens. I think out of all of the songs on the album, this is one of the ones I’d want to hear live the most. Off the top of my head I can’t think of any song even remotely like this out right now. This is a good thing, especially today.

“Walking On Sunshine” – I don’t think it’s possible to be in a bad mood when listening to this song. I really don’t. Originally performed by Katrina and the Waves, this song is one of those that never fails to cheer me up whenever I hear it. Regardless of who sings it. That said, Eileen’s version might actually be my new favorite. She sounds like she’s having a blast singing it and I love that. It makes you want to sing along as the top of your lungs. I think it’d be so much fun to hear her perform it live.

“Bottle Your Crazy Up” – In which Eileen gives some advice to a friend that’s about to re-enter the dating scene. Namely, to “bottle your crazy up”. Honestly, I think a lot of people could benefit from this advice. In this age of social media, it’s become incredibly easy for people to share too much about themselves. Better to keep some things to yourself. Another that had me singing along with the chorus the first time I listened to it. Fun track.

“Sweet Love” – Okay, so we had a song about moving on from a bad relationship. Seems only right to balance that out with a song that celebrates a good relationship. It’s a sweet, catchy song about a, well, sweet love. This might be an odd comparison, but the way this songs flows makes me think of a roller coaster. Go with me. It builds up during the verses to lead up to the energetic chorus and then the slower bridge. Back up to that chorus. The California influence feels the strongest on this track to me.

“Love Never Dies” – An important reminder that while things may get tough sometimes, the reality is that love never dies. Even when you fight. Even with all the ups and downs that are part of living. The perfect track to close out the album; it really seems to sum it all up. “Love never dies/ it goes on forever”. In reading about Eileen, she credits The Beatles as one of her biggest influences and this song feels like a testament to that to me. It makes me think of their hit “All You Need is Love”. Not that it sounds like it because it doesn’t. But “Love Never Dies” feels like it could be a companion piece and I think that mashing them up together would work very well.

All in all, a very solid album and one that I’m sure I’ll be listening to over and over again. I love that there’s albums this positive out there, especially when so many of the songs out lately focus on drinking and partying. Especially with so many acts overly concerned with giving off attitude and  showing how tough they think they are. I’ve complained about that before – more than once. There’s a place for that kind of stuff, to be sure, but it’s wonderful when you come across an album that just makes you feel good. That’s what Let It Go does. It puts me in a happier place when I listen to it. And I think it can do the same for you.

‘Donald Trump Game of Thrones Winter is Trumping’

Campagne voeren in de VS is ‘never a dull moment’ echter ik hoop niet dat Trump een hoofdrol krijgt in Games of Thrones.. Leuke inkijk in waar de man echt voor staat. ” I Donald Trump approved this message” zal er wel niet achter komen. Onze radicalen zullen smullen bij dit filmpje…. over vluchteling.

Games of Thrones & Donald Trump

Campaigns are never dull in the US this small youtube video is hilarious however I pray Donald will not ruin season 6. Nor the US as I know it.

Bijeengeharkt Connie Harkema

Bijeen geharkt   Nummer 60      maart 2016


Connie Harkema

Stadssonnetten en Friese 11-steden

De twee series “Stadssonnetten” en de “Friese 11-steden” blijven in ontwikkeling.

Een nieuw sonnet is geschreven en vormgegeven. 

Vijf Friese steden zijn verenigd op een groot doek en wachten op de andere zes.
Lees over hun ontstaan op het grote, witte vlak.
Als op zichzelf staande schilderijen vertrekken ze alle elf naar Ameland, waar ze na hun omzwervingen door München, Straatsburg, Amsterdam, Lekkerkerk, Krimpen aan den IJssel, Stockholm, Antwerpen en Leeuwarden voor tweeënhalve maand neerstrijken.

Ook voor deze brief wens ik je weer veel lees- en kijkplezier,

Connie Harkema
beeldend woordkunstenaar
voor een eerlijke tekst en een kleurrijk beeld

Expositie Ameland

Van 19 maart tot en met 28 mei heb ik, samen met FRIA-leden Johan van der Dong, Gwendolyn van Essen en Han Reeder, een tentoonstelling bij Landal Ameland. Een mooi plekje voor de Friese 11-steden. Ze hoeven slechts een klein stukje overzee en blijven tegelijkertijd de Friese provincie trouw.

Tevens is er een klein nieuw werkje (30 x 30) van mij te zien in Galerie November, genaamd “Ameland”. Om in dezelfde trend te blijven als de tentoongestelde serie, neemt ook in dit werk de Friese vlag een opvallende plek in.
“Ameland” maakt deel uit van een overzichtstentoonstelling van alle exposanten van FRIA over zee.


Friese 11-steden

Dit jaar ga ik mijn grootste schilderij (1 x 2 meter) tot nu toe maken met daarop alle Friese 11-steden bij elkaar.

Dankzij kunstbemiddelingsbureau Art Connection heb ik de toezegging gekregen dat dit werk twee jaar lang op een prominente plaats op de eerste etage van Hotel WTC Expo in Leeuwarden mag hangen. Dat is in 2017 en 2018 (het jaar waarin Leeuwarden Culturele hoofdstad is!).
Het nieuwe werk wordt een samenvoeging van de serie schilderijen die ik alweer een paar jaar geleden heb gemaakt van de Friese 11-steden.

Een update van mijn vorderingen:

Elf is geen handig getal om gelijkmatig te verdelen over een rechthoekig vlak. Een even getal was handiger geweest. Dan had iedere 11-stedenstad een oppervlakte gekregen van 50 x ongeveer 33 en hadden er 6 op het bovenste gedeelte gekund en 6 op het onderste. Een vlakverdeling die ik wegens het gemak bij het vervaardigen van dit schilderij toch maar heb aangehouden. Hoe? Door Leeuwarden als belangrijkste stad neer te zetten en een plek van twee steden tegelijk te laten innemen. Deze dubbele afmeting vind ik eigenlijk wel gerechtvaardigd gezien het feit dat de 11-stedentocht daar begint en eindigt.

Nadat het grootste gedeelte van de Achmeatoren (dat rechthoekige zwart/grijze gebouw) stond, wilde ik weten hoe ik deze het best kon laten aansluiten op de onderliggende stad Workum. Zo gebeurde het dat niet Leeuwarden de eerste complete stad op het doek werd, maar Workum met de St. Gertrudiskerk. De tweede stad wordt Hindeloopen, waarvan hier al een beginnetje met de Grote Kerk.

Hier zijn Workum en Hindeloopen al bijna klaar.
Tevens een opzet van de Sneker Poort.

Behalve de Achmeatoren is nu ook de Oldenhove (schuine toren bovenaan) van Leeuwarden klaar.
Tevens staat de Sneker Poort er nu in zijn geheel op.

Hier zijn vijf steden af, en omdat Leeuwarden als begin- en eindpunt van de 11-stedentocht dubbel telt is hiermee de helft van het grote doek voltooid.
Boven: van links naar rechts: Leeuwarden en Sneek, en
beneden: van links naar rechts: Workum, Hindeloopen en Stavoren.
De eerstvolgende stad die ik ga aanpakken, zal Sloten zijn. Deze komt rechts onderaan, naast Stavoren.


Via Retro Festa Competitio ( kun je nog steeds sparen voor de blikvangers met daarop vier van mijn Friese 11-steden.
Je kunt ze bestellen via:, waarbij de opbrengst gedeeltelijk bestemd is voor Energy4all.

Tot slot: als serie verhuizen alle individuele11-steden half maart van Hotel WTC Expo te Leeuwarden naar Landal Ameland State, waar ze tot eind mei blijven hangen.

“Nieuw begin” volop in de aandacht

“Nieuw begin” had rond Valentijnsdag aan belangstelling niet te klagen.
Deze combinatieprint van tekening met gedicht had een mooi plekje weten te veroveren tijdens de expositie “liefde & lust” bij het Kunstlievend Genootschap Pictura te Groningen.
Tijdens de feestelijke finissage op 14 februari kon de dans van de liefde uiteraard niet ontbreken.


En ook bij Haveman Kunst werd dit werk rond deze tijd prominent in het zicht geplaatst op de eigen Facebook-pagina.


“Stadssonnetten” is het andere grote project waar ik me nu op richt. Het bestaat uit 12 schilderijen over interessante Europese steden (en NYC) met daarbij een geschreven sonnet plus een aantal kussens.

Afgelopen maand heb ik het volgende gedicht bewerkt zodat ook deze kan worden uitgeprint op een canvas doek (90 x 60)



De beker die ik maakte tijdens de CoSi-activiteiten met mijn dochter Sietske is af.
Waarschijnlijk ga ik hem inzetten bij de serie Stadssonnetten, en wel bij de voorstelling van Malmö.


Ben nu bezig met een nieuwe beker, zodat ze samen op het bijzettafeltje kunnen, dat ik aan het beschilderen ben.




Tot onbepaalde tijd
NH Schiphol Airport, Kruisweg 495 te Hoofddorp
Doorlopende gezamenlijke expositie met leden van “BooART Kunstbemiddeling”
Vrij toegankelijk

19 maart t/m 28 mei 
Landal Ameland State Strandweg 51124, Nes (Ameland)
Vrij toegankelijk tijdens de openingsuren

Galerie Kunst vol leven, Uitbreidingsstraat 1b, Baarle-Hertog (net over de Belgische grens)
Vrij toegankelijk tijdens de openingsuren

12 t/m 20 oktober
Galerie Doet, Schrans 44, Leeuwarden
Tentoonstelling “Licht”, beschilderde lampenkappen
Vrij toegankelijk tijdens de openingsuren

29 en 30 oktober
Art Assen, TT Hall Assen

2016 / 2017

Donderdag 3 november 2016  t/m dinsdag 14 februari 2017
Restaurant De Grote Wielen, Bûtlan 1, Leeuwarden
Vrij toegankelijk tijdens de openingsuren

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