Dear M passionate love

Dear M You have a way of words That reaches me more Then anything else In this entire world Passionate you share Passionate you show Passionate you say How passionate you are While just days ago I really thought And for brief moment knew That I had lost You That fear is still not gone … Lees verder Dear M passionate love

Dear M, true love grows

Dear M True values of life grow on you As we get older I can say its true More patience, more love But also life happened As we grew As we grow in life We learn about it At least we hope we do One thing however We never learn We just do Being able … Lees verder Dear M, true love grows


If we are lucky we find love, if truly lucky a first love. Extremely lucky when its true love. This one is for my true love Mildred. Passion I never surrended, Or gave myself totally I never felt What I feel for you I have loved before At least thats what I thought But nothing … Lees verder Passion