Dear M, you found the key to my heart

Dear M Once upon a time Some six months ago This beauty of my Landed upon my soul You saw right through me Right into my soul Into my heart In a cluster of time Touched by your words I finally got to see What true love Really means to me As written And said … Continue reading Dear M, you found the key to my heart

Dear M, my love

Dear M My love what dit I do to deserve you, To receive this much love, This much care and joy. This much happiness, trust and commitment. Is this what they mean in finding true love? If so it feels like it will last or is lasting forever... was it you then? Is it you … Continue reading Dear M, my love

Dear M I love you so much

Dear M I want to hold you close, Real close, Enclosed close. I want to kiss you Over and over again. And again and again. I want to make love with you, All the time, Every time, Every day. I want to keep you close to me, Real close, Enclosed close.. My dream of you....

Afscheid van een huis

Nu papa ziek toch maar eens gekeken naar de waarde van ons huis en dat verschilt enorm! De prijsontwikkeling van een huis van €239.000 in januari naar €280.000 nu. 1 site spreekt over €324.500 tot zelfs €388.000 wat in lijn staat met de verkoopprijzen rondom de Collonade aan de Boulevard 1945. Naast ons is 1 … Continue reading Afscheid van een huis

Dear M ‘us’

Dear M Once in a lifetime We want to feel We want to love And be safe with someone We hunger for it Long for it And seek Till we find it Yet I never sought Cause I allready knew That the day was coming The day you found me In month 5 of 'us' … Continue reading Dear M ‘us’