Het loopt allemaal uit de hand. Niets lukt logisch overal worden we gepakt..Op elk front.

VVD en PvdA hebben de lastige onderhandelingen over de opvang van illegalen uitgesteld. Het is tijd voor rust en overleg in eigen kring, zo bevestigen bronnen. Hoe lang dat duurt, is onbekend.
De discussie over bed, bad en brood ligt gevoelig. VVD-fractievoorzitter Zijlstra en PvdA-fractievoorzitter Samsom geven geen duimbreed toe, melden bronnen aan RTL Nieuws.

ZIE OOK: Bed, bad en brood – hoe zit het ook alweer?

Een oordeel van de Raad van Europa, de Europese mensenrechtenorganisatie, wordt op verschillende manieren uitgelegd. Het Sociaal Comité van de Raad oordeelde eerder dat iedereen recht op bed, bad en brood heeft. Het Comité van Ministers erkent de uitspraak van het Sociaal Comité, maar zegt dat Nederland zelf moet beslissen of er uberhaupt opvang geboden gaat worden.

Het oordeel is minder vergaand dan verwacht door VVD en PvdA. Het is het resultaat van een succesvolle Nederlandse lobby bij het Comité van Ministers om de eerdere, scherpe uitspraak af te zwakken. Saillant detail is dat PvdA-ministers in het kabinet hebben ingestemd met de lobby van Nederland om een definitieve vorm van bed, bad en brood te voorkomen.

Sony created hack by itself

Nederlands scrollen

Kleine intro. Dit keer is het Sony. Het zoveelste bedrijf dat de boel belazerd net als banken creditcardmastschijppen (ICS-AMEX ETC) EN ik vermoed ook onze banken zoals ABNAMRO??? Belastingdienst doet het ook op een aparte manier met van die “sorry foutje” toestanden dat ik zeg GEEN APP GEBRUIKEN MAAR ONLINE INVULLEN DE GEGEVENS KLOPPEN NIET 1 INKIJK ZG IK BIJ MIJ AL 24 FOUTEN DOOR DE DIENST GEMAAKT IMMERS ZIJ VULLEN TOCH JE GEGEVENS IN??

Een paar uur geleden publiceerde wikileaks het schandaal Sony met die fake hack in 2014 wikileaks.




wikileaks blows your mind away

Why goes a company so far? Sales offcourse. However the costumer is double cheated. Your account of register ready to grab. Creditcards etc your life is exposed to. They take your idenity and play you buy in your name.

Hacking illegal must be become prio 1 because in our network social media life we are the victims. 


email sony wikileaks

Assange proofed again how important he is. Wikileaks it started with war Iraq coverup. My advice watch the movie “Julian Assange Storty” how it started in Australia. The movie and docu are giving a good impression about the men who has 1 idea. No more coverups. Some call him and his team hackers. I say he is not. He hates coverups. Thats his drive expose.




Covering up

These things like apple and google also where accused of go beyond every law off protection there is.

They allready sell us (aquisition) if they attach a hack the system is open for the 3 mayor hack groups like anonymous the 2 east european hackgroups. Dangerous groups from Bochanev or Belan FBI MOST WANTED CYBERCRIME and east asian hackers will use abuse your identity.

Robbed blind. How many victims? Couple of miljons. As victim YOU HAVE TO PROOF YOU DIT NOT PURCHASE STALK ETC WITH POOR LAWENFORCEMENTS.  It takes years to clean your name.

I am a victim. I have a few who tried everything to pull me down. With help from the FBI CMI  Hollands agency who investigates and traces found the proof. But I still receive bullshit letters. All I do is give my proof.  Stalkers I. Blanco money hunters you don’t get a dime IRS you to no dime. Not even a penny.

Thing is the law might not protect us enough I send my proof file complaints knowing not much will happen. Is it invane? No it revearsed no matter what happen my nane is cleaner and clean


Klokkenluiderswebsite Wikileaks heeft de volledige buitgemaakte bestanden uit de Sony-hack online beschikbaar gemaakt. Iedereen kan nu zoeken door mails en documenten van het machtige, gesloten bedrijf.
De bestanden stonden eerder al online, maar waren toen niet te doorzoeken. WikiLeaks heeft alle documenten nu in een doorzoekbaar formaat online gezet. Iedereen kan zich nu door miljoenen documenten, presentaties en e-mails heenwerken.

ZIE OOK: Sony zet The Interview online

Selena , zangeres boodschapper van hoop

Selena – Dreaming Of You:

De echt kenner kent dit mummer uit 1994 het was een megshit in de VS Mexico en zij die hier wonen gaven haar in de EU ook een plek in muziek. . Selena 1971-1995 is vermoord toen ze doorbrak en ze de wereld plat kreeg met 1 boodschap. Hoop. De jonge supergetalendeerde lachebek was in staat je hart te stelen en was het rolmodel dat alles mogelijk is. Haar charme pakte iedereen.

Selena – Como La Flor – Acapulco Festival Concert:

Selena – Bidi Bidi Bom Bom:

Selena geboren in Corpus Cristie in 1971 werd 1in 1995 vermoord door een medewerker die in financirele nood stall geld en uit wanhoop schoot ze haar neer. Miljoenen waakten voor de engel van hoop. Het verhaal is verfilmd met Jennifer Lopez in de hoofdrol. De film bevat concert registraties van Selena zelf. Ik vindt de film prachtig. (Herdenking 1 in Mexico waren we in CanCun en maakten mee hoe geliefd ze was)

The Making of Selena: 10 Years Later:


Selena’s Last moments:

Het is nu 20 jaar geleden maar ze blijft een bron van hoop en inspiratie.

Mariah, Beyonce, Katy, Jlo, Gaga remember SELENA QUINTANILLA:

She learned us that when you have a dream all is possible

The Real Crime Story – Selena Gun Downed HD:

Short clips of selena’s funeral (april 2 1995):

Het respect en rouw geeft aan hoe geliefd ze was. Engelen onder mensen zijn dun gezaaid. 20 jaar geleden verloren we een bruggenbouwer die verbroerde rond Pasen. Daarom heb ik bewust vandaag gekozen Witte Donder wit is hoop Jezus is liefde. Selena bezong het……

Selena – I Could Fall In Love:

Believe miracless happen

(AQUILINA) Bragi’s Sketch Book (EP) – SoundCoud

Luister naar Bragi’s Sketch Book (EP) van aquilinamusic #np op #SoundCloud

Its to bad no visual but do we need it? Just listen open op for it? It almost loke God sends me talents for BELIEVE TO DISCOVER, THE STAGE IS AWSOME.

Aquiline takes you away from the real world it is a bit psychadelinc. This song. Other tracks are completly different. It’s a wizard. A welcome wizard we need a new Lenny Kravits Aquiline’s music is the closed to that.

Of course I adked morec info.

ART LOVERS Connie Harkeme  made an awsome newsletter…  ♡ I am with my site blessed..

I have a dream today, all we want we can reach


Gods hand

If I look at this image I see hope. There is ‘war’ everyday. Holland lost it’s justice department minister and secretary Opstelten and Teeven. For me and maby a sign of hope. We need a huge change here Local elections in 2 weeks will show a new face and party trade. It is shamefull enough after the childporn coverup that these 2 (minister abd secretary ) sticked on their post. Now all hang thanks to social media. And persistance of a needed change. What change we get? I hope the needed one and no right wing idiotic votes.

A joyfull day GOD EXCIST. The Dutch cheer made many jokes a whole Ministery with coverups says a lot about our so callled non democracy. We have technocrats citizens voices are with many yet infkuenze is 0. The Hague decids not us nor our vote. Most US readers Europe Asia know the Demmink childpornography case. A lot of journalists newpapers where suit and with a few we battled against our “leaders-rulers-thechnocrats” and never gave up. We won. Prize uncertain elections provences in 2 weeks who choose our senate. We don’t vote ours pronves do it is called “democrazy” but it’s not. The Hague allready knows who gets elected in.

I am convinced that my brothers murder octobre 2009 is linked to that Demmink case cause the killer confessed walked out of the his first trial case and due to district attorney paper mistakes (Holland nation of papers laws and rules) they messed up. On purpose! Hope rises. Mr Hyde cannot hide long anymore God excits.

My brother knew to much and at the same time the pressure on me was abnormal. So called friends of his killer filed police reports all ended in my brothers file due to the knowledge of his passing. In 2010 I was interrigated for it! Welcome in the place I dispise my country. In 2012 I tried to sell my passport. I am no Dutchy a part of my bloodline is but I am liberated and free. This is NOT MY HOME it’s on the other side of the Ocean. And if I can go I go nothing besides my medical team dad and a grave keeps me here but my heart and root is where mom died Cuba.


In my personal life I fight the battle of my life. (others tell a lot do not believe those who say I am sound sane healthy cause I am not) Osteoporoses allergies asthma bloodcloths leukemia a trombosis leg keep me indoors because of the discovety off it. A top team works close together to keep me alive.


Why would I lie? Sick is sick. Yet a few say including DUTCH RELATED all lies. The fact that I lost my walk ability in 3 weeks is not true. Lack of braincells and idioric hyoochondria. All dad and I face theirs is worse. Last they said to me was “die” sorry maniacs I refuse to die and fight.


‘Eileen Carey Sweet Love” live

Eileen Carey sings live her latest hit “Sweet Love”


Eileen is not the rising star anymore from 2014 this is her year. She sings in the top off Country. Her shows, albums, perfomances like Venice Beach. Best Country Singer nominee of the most important prize Music is the ultimate drean the same as going from a highschool football team to the Superbowl! She made it! The Top one ofd the best next to the Wynona Judd Dolly Parton Tammy Whynet etc. Grand old Opry here we come.

What’s so special about her besides talent and love forusic. She had a good actress career. For Joey and me it’s easy cause we feel it. “Dass gewisse etwas” a bit more thats it. Her hobby became her maincore. No oscar but music-award surround her and everywhere she goes she makes time for you.

It’s her joy and spirit that make her special. She is a close friend I am blessed being the sick pr writer she asks frequent “Isa how are you doing” she shed tears when they found threy found the cause Joey to “mass cell disease” a difficult bumpy road sincr my future is uncertain. It goes fast and furious racing in my body eating my imuun gave me a trombosis leg (how do you keep her silent? Well this help to get me off the streets) 
I lost my walking ability in a month have more horrible stuff but Eileen cracks me up. She is a true friend with Joey. Thanks soulmates for life.

But 1 thing is for sure. Our Eileen climbs high and we just began to promote her. Her succes gives me the energy to go with the flow knowing that soon she and I and Joey off course will meet eachother jn the “flesh” as the English say it so awsome.

My readers know that Eileen is the best read after “my dream” for us all. A little over 7 miljon per day. And if I forget a week I need a secretary. Yes Perez Hilton you lost your spot in entertainment blogging. Sorry dude you wrecked it single handed by breaking in celebs houses. Let me tell you this never get to close to Eileen. Gaga uses the press I bite.

Believe miracles happen