Dear M ‘ YES I DO ‘

Dear M @millywalker121 ❤❤ My wifey, my honeyboo In just weeks from now It's our weddinday... Dutch customs Small bio is told Whit this I showed A little tomboy A hot 'life' back singer The woman I am today Last not least For all the see The diamond I have to give to you ❤❤💋💋❤❤

Dear M

My days are long and endless When the night falls I am sleepless When the morning comes A little sleep comes over me Meanwhile 1 joy 1 hope Keeps me safe, sane and sound My deep dark fears and pain Over loosing Pa Is softened by your stay You sweaten my hard working You let … Continue reading Dear M

Dear M, not long I promise

Dear M The place you are Is scary, narrow and dark It's not where you ment to be Nor ever thought it 4 walls surround you I doubt a window But I hope That you still will see I know you feel me As I feel you I feel you scared Where I wish there … Continue reading Dear M, not long I promise

Dear M, love awaits you

Dear M By this time tommorow You are not there But here with me Right beside me Why? Because of love Because you picked me Me, plain, simple me You fly to a tiny knot Where malls are small shops Where a heatwave awaits you Yes my love it is hot In less then 18 … Continue reading Dear M, love awaits you

Dear M, I had a dream about you

Dear M. I dreamed in a dream In it's beauty alone About my destiny Many years ago I dreamed it for years And recently A dream about a woman It stopped after meeting you The woman in my dream Looks like you Talks like you Kisses like you I dreamed that 1 day I would … Continue reading Dear M, I had a dream about you

Dear M, where dit it come from?

Dear M You read about it, You see it in movies Can you expect any off it In real life? I am clueless About what's happening to me About what I feel Though I like it I don't understand any off this Never ever felt this Never ever expected it When you found me Is … Continue reading Dear M, where dit it come from?

Dear M, mi casa es su casa, sharing a life

Dear M Falling in love Is such a wonderfull feeling Staying in love However is a task Once committed easy But if not a drag For us its a commitment That will bond our lives Some would say We go fast But why wait? In taking these steps We have a lot in common That … Continue reading Dear M, mi casa es su casa, sharing a life