Dear M ‘us’

Dear M Once in a lifetime We want to feel We want to love And be safe with someone We hunger for it Long for it And seek Till we find it Yet I never sought Cause I allready knew That the day was coming The day you found me In month 5 of 'us' … Lees verder Dear M ‘us’

Join the cause to make things great

Everybody has dreams so do I. I am building my dream of better blogs, good editing and spiritual coaching. Based? There where my beloved Dear M is. Help me make believe strong again so that my 200K followers get so much more. You wont regret it!

Dear M Only you… Dear M I promise you no more tears Except those of joy and happiness As we endured enough And suffered Dispite all that We gave it a change We gave love a real change To really love again Are we meant to be? If we wheren't We where not 'us' For the world to … Lees verder Dear M Only you…

Dear M just dream

Dear M Everybody needs a dream or two To stay 'alive' and sane Dreams give us hope Dreams makes us drive I bet you dream of us Of me and you Walking away in the sunset Just the two of us No worries or bad moments No sorrows and no regrets Just warm and tender … Lees verder Dear M just dream