Dear M I love you so much

Dear M I want to hold you close, Real close, Enclosed close. I want to kiss you Over and over again. And again and again. I want to make love with you, All the time, Every time, Every day. I want to keep you close to me, Real close, Enclosed close.. My dream of you....

Dear M ‘us’

Dear M Once in a lifetime We want to feel We want to love And be safe with someone We hunger for it Long for it And seek Till we find it Yet I never sought Cause I allready knew That the day was coming The day you found me In month 5 of 'us' … Lees verder Dear M ‘us’

Join the cause to make things great

Everybody has dreams so do I. I am building my dream of better blogs, good editing and spiritual coaching. Based? There where my beloved Dear M is. Help me make believe strong again so that my 200K followers get so much more. You wont regret it!

Dear M Only you… Dear M I promise you no more tears Except those of joy and happiness As we endured enough And suffered Dispite all that We gave it a change We gave love a real change To really love again Are we meant to be? If we wheren't We where not 'us' For the world to … Lees verder Dear M Only you…