Living the dream – Eileen Carey tells her story

by Isabel Blanco and Eileen Carey


Eileen Carey’s ascendency to the top of independent country music, and arguably to the top of the adult contemporary/Top 40 radio markets as well, is characterized by her amazing fortitude, which she generously shares with all. Time and again her songs suggest alternative options to what holds people up in their lives. They do so with her magical ability to make a chorus melody and hook sink deep into the better part of the listener’s consciousness.

And, the onetime actress has done so while raising two daughters and navigating a successful marriage as well. In pop culture today, that in itself is notable.

I have been a fan of her music for some years now, having ran into her on Twitter, and was literally floored by her strong voice and positive message. This is a recent interview I have conducted with Eileen. She always has something to say.


Eileen in 2013 we had our last long interview. You told me about your acting career which was pretty impressive. I guess you’re co actors are pretty proud of what you achieved?

Hard to tell Isabel. The U.S. is a big place and I have only kept up with a small few since those days; but of course some of my old friends have expressed their pride. Been a long time now since I worked as an actress outside of my music videos though. I think that many of the people in Southern California and Nashville that I have worked with as a singer and songwriter in the past, root for me now.

You know Isabel, it was never my intention to be an actress. I wanted to be a filmmaker so I got involved with the movie industry when I came to Los Angeles to learn the business. I felt that you needed to learn the movie business from the bottom up.

Just like any business, the restaurant business for example, if you can’t cook yourself it is hard to communicate what needs to be done to others. As for the actress, I just kept getting picked out of the crowd for roles. Acting was a conduit to my wanting to direct, but music was always first.

How many are dazzled by this big career move?

Music was my first love so really not many folks were surprised anyway. My film friends, music friends, friends and family are not so much dazzled as happy for me. I have been making music for a long time, and my music fans have long expected my success.

In 2014 the real challenge began. Nominations all over and awards besides Tammy Wynette not 1 country singer achieved that. Not even Dolly Parton or Patsy Cline. How does it feel?

I am not ready to put myself in that lofty group. It does feels great though! Awesome to be doing what I love with my life. The nominations and the awards are great, but not nearly as great as watching people jumping and dancing and loving my music when I am on stage. I cherish my friends like yourself Isabel who continue to support me and let their fans know of me and my music. That is what matters to me most.

In 2015 you were on the New Music Weekly radio charts all year. “Bottle Your Crazy Up’ and “Faith” were number one for several weeks, on both country and AC/Top 40. Can you tell us how it feels to walk into the studio again to record your next CD? Let It Go was so successful, are you concerned by the high bar you have set for yourself?

I am a perfectionist, so yes of course I am concerned. I am also excited and confident that my next CD will be even better, and lead me to new opportunities to sharing my music with folks worldwide. As for the writing over these past couple years, I have been jotting down notes and ideas so I am going into the next album with a good idea of what I want to say.

Many journalists hardly ask about you’re charity. I know you do a lot. Somehow it’s a sideline that few know. I know you want to tell so much more about it.

I am glad to have the opportunity to reach people through my notoriety about causes I believe in. One of the blessings of having an artist footprint in the world is that people tend to pay attention to you.

I have a thing about homelessness, whether people or animals; and that young people should not hinge their self-worth on romance and dysfunctional relationships. I have a thing about people creating the life they want to create. My songs are all about self-determination and courage; male or female. Country music is so full of broken-hearts, but my subject matter is what separates me from many of the other country artists. My positive message.

What inspired you to take music as a career over acting?

I was always into music. Played drums at 13 years of age. Sort of fell into acting out here in Los Angeles. As for taking up music as a profession I was working for a hotel chain booking the entertainment, and I kept thinking I could write and sing as good as any of them. I was fortunate that I had the support of my family from day one! My husband and children are still my biggest fans.

You seem to have a lot of good people around you. Obviously I know Joey Alkes, and I am impressed at the quality of your art work, shows you play and continuous online footprint. Who are some of the people that have helped you emerge into a star?

Well again, “star” is a big word. I have had the good fortune to have some great people in my corner. My producer Travis Allen Childress and my music director and lead guitarist John “groover” McDuffie have been essential in my career. John is the legendary Rita Coolidge’s music director and lead guitarist as well, and on occasion I lose him to her for a show (lol). 

My songwriting partners especially my good friend Kathryn Grimm. My Nashville publicist Susan Collier and my radio team; Alan Young and Paul Loggins have been amazing. Jennifer Blair, and as you know Joey has been with me for the past few years. You mention the art and design and that is the great work of Christine Caracciolo.

You know I could take up your whole page commenting on all of the really cool people around me. (NB go ahead)

Al Bonhomme my rhythm guitarist in Los Angeles, and Dan Hagen the same in Nashville.

Recently, a marketing person whom has had an impact on my career, a young women from Canada just passed away from lung cancer. Her name is Nadine Gelineau. Her company Musebox led to the CBS LA Weekend Morning Show, and the last two music videos (“Faith” and “Party at the Beach”) came out of her company and a filmmaker named Taner Tumkaya. The photos I am going to be using for the next CD was shot by another member of the Musebox team, Kharen Hill of Public Pictures. I am currently retaining an off-shoot of the MuseBox for marketing, Erik Koral of the Koral Young Group.

My husband, Joe Federico, did quite well in business in the past and we use to go to certain business seminars. One of the things that impressed us was the idea that you have to have good people around you and working for you, or with you, if you want to succeed.

When can we expect a new a new album?

I am not sure. As I said earlier, I am a perfectionist so “when” is hard question to answer. Thankfully I run my own music business and don’t have a label pressuring me for a half-baked release to fit their timetable. I will release a new single that will be on the next album release, in time for, or just after the CMAs.

What message do you have for all for 2016?

Follow your dreams! I cannot emphasis that enough! If you want things in life you have to work for them, yes. But, if you follow your dreams the work will not deter you.   


Thank you Eileen!

The story of Country Music, part 2 by Isabel Blanco


Author: Isabel Blanco

The story of Country Music

Earl Johnson, a barn, a dance. That brings us back to 1919. And even further back. The Hillbilly culture and music. It was their culture and music born in Appalachian that gave us the music as we know it today. A Folk music that is extremely popular in the US and the world. And to picture all that it is time to write that story as it should be.

In the North East of the US into Canada are the Appalachian Mountains. In this area  mostly Protestant immigrants from Ulster, Ireland, settled in the 18th century. People who knew the raugh life, hunger and even war decided once again to move further away from Scotland, Ireland, their home country into the new promised land. To find a better future, a better life for themselves bringing along there openminded culture. They moved into the mountain areas in the US, founded communities and lived there side by side with the Indians. Real frontier settlers who lived in parts where life was not that easy. Sharing medical knowledge, herbs, food with the natives. They seemed to be, in my opinion, one of the few who had no problem at all with the natives. Living there under hars cirscumstances away from civilizations they relied upon themselves. Bringing with them Celtic influenzes and “witch-craft” medicine. 

I found some amazing stories via Printerest while looking for pictures. Yes they where poor, mostly not well educated like the rest of the country but the Hillbillies had something else which is rare. They had tight communities, a granny as a doctor, old celtic roots for music, and big sense of surviving. Like they dit not need anything more then the mountains, family, friends to survive. Like back home in the UK, ENgland they had no money for a doctor. They learned over the centuries how to us nature and herbs to find cures for illnesses. It was very common that many communities had a family with women who had the knowledge to help out. The granny would train the daughter and granddaughter to become the “medicine woman”. If it weren’t for Henry the VIII that knowledge would have vanished due to the withtrials from the Catholic Church. Not that it was prohibited but I believe that England had more potention for a “witch” then the rest of Europe. Thankfully the grannies mergen their knowledge with the natives. Instead of fighting them they lived alongside with them. Learned from eachother, shared with eachother. That made them to me very social frontier people. But many thought of them as poor and unaducated. One other interesting story to tell is the fued between the Hatfield and McCoy family which started in the civil war in 1863 and ended in 1891 in the Tig Fork and the Big Sandy River in the Kentucky, Virginia area. It started when the families split up in the civil war. Most fought for the Confedrancy but 1 McCoy who joined the Union. He got killed for doing so after being home on sick leave. A fued was born in all its cruelty. When after the murder the son of Hatfield fell in love with a McCoy it dit not get easier. A child was born out of wedlock, a shame in both families and a girl had to flee the territotry. Enough fuel for many songs you think but I found only 2. The impact however was huge, many where killed or injured in this long lasting fued that ended after The Supreme Court decided that the law was obided to all, including the Hatfields and McCoys. They had to stand trial and face jail. Seems hard to understand but back then the sherif was either opposing the Hatfields or the McCoys. A bit lawlessnes back in the days. Today it is big business for tourism in the area.

It does display that the people who lived away from civilization had their own ways. So as it was and is in the music they make, sing and play. But without the Hillbilly, mountain people I dare to say we could not enjoy the country music as it is today. What had evolved from dances in a barn like we know from western movies, series and Pa’s fiddle from the “Little House on the Prairie” becames well known throughout the country and later in the world.  It started with the first recordings in 1927 in the Bristol recording session with the Carter Family and Jimmie Rodgers. 

What had started around 300 years ago, Europeans and Africans coming to the US with their own music and instruments gives us today Country Music. But how that happened can be read in part 3.



Eileen Carey Delights Fans New and Old at CMA Music Festival ’16
Tapes Promotional Video of Upcoming New Single, “In The Air” & Returns Home To Her “Bring on the big” Release Reaching the Top NMW Spot on Both Country and Hot AC Charts.

(Nashville, TN June 15, 2016) Back this past week for her third CMA Music Festival, California based singer-songwriter Eileen Carey who basked in the applause of both new and long-established fans, returned home this week to find her current charting single “Bring on the big” reach the #1 on both New Music Weekly’s Country Main Chart; and on it’s Hot AC Chart as well. This is the second straight cut that has reached that #1 spot on both charts this year. In January, her “Faith,” release also topped both charts.

Propelled by her hard-driving band, Carey rocked the crowds at Rippy’s on Broadway Friday and Saturday afternoon at the height of the Festival.  She fuelled the rising excitement by tossing personalized T-shirts, cd’s and wrist bands out into the packed house.
Each day of the Festival, she signed autographs at Honky Tonk Alley and held drawings for such prizes as wireless speakers, selfie sticks and gift bags filled with fun items.


Carey taped an acoustic video of her upcoming single, “In The Air,” for the popular CDX website, where radio programmers can download new music.  The single, “In The Air,” which Carey co-wrote with Kathryn Grimm, Travis Allen, Odd Harold Jensen and Bjorn Charles Dreyer, will be released later this summer.

Rounding out her Music City pilgrimage on Saturday night Eileen attended the second annual “Country With A Heart” benefit for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital held at Nashville Palace, and hosted by Nashville’s TV personality Jennifer Herron, and her husband, country music entertainer Bobby Marquez, where she ran into several of her fans as well as meeting & greeting with the artists on the line up. 

The single, “In The Air,” which Carey co-wrote with Kathryn Grimm, Travis Allen, Odd Harold Jensen and Bjorn Charles Dreyer, will be released later this summer.

Visit Eileen on the web at:

For More Information Contact:  Susan Collier PR at (615) 356-0375 or e-mail at

About Eileen Carey:

Eileen Carey is a California based singer-songwriter-vocalist in the Pop-Country genre who has emerged over the last few years as both an accomplished storyteller and effective appealing stylist while making music that deftly combines country influences with pop arrangements. Her songs also offer distinct prominent messages about personal empowerment and emotional fulfillment.


Eileen Carey rocks in Nashville


Daily she performs with more fun then ever before in her super race for the best radio single Award. 2nd after Carie Underwood!


Being in Nashville for the CMA’S is big. Everybody in Country is there. A huge crowd of fans is there AND Eileen!


Eileen Carey says that she might be having more fun this year at the Country Music Awards Festival than the fans. “I’ve always enjoyed the CMAs in Nashville that is why I return here every year.”

First day at the Gulch was packed with fans, and Carey’s performance at that street show was the highlight of the afternoon. This year the local honkytonks set up their meet and greet booths shop in the Honky Tonk Central Alley, and the move from Music City Center was well received by the fans themselves, turning out in record numbers.

“I gave out tons of CDs and swag on the very first day,” says Eileen.


Country music intern “Eileen Carey future of country”

This site had a wonderful interview with Eileen Carey explaining why she is THE ULTIMINATE STAR IN COUNTRY


Tuesday, April 26, 2016

(Back in the Studio With Producer Travis Allen Childress / New Single In Time for the CMA Fest in June)

The truth about Eileen Carey is that there is no one like her in country music today. She is truly an original. And as her final single release from the Let It Go album “Bring on the big” co-written by Angela Kaset (“Something In Red”) and Amy Dalley, declares she is ready for the big time. After 14 career music nominations and five trophies; and having topped all of the country and AC/Top 40 charts , there is little doubt that Eileen has arrived.

She is this year’s New Music Weekly, Breakthrough Country Artist of the Year, but in fact has been mentioned with the A-list of Country Music women for years. Her positive life reaffirming subject matter and bright danceable grooves continually find homes in line dance groups and clubs worldwide.
“Country. Pop. Rock. Eileen Carey’s music blends all three styles together in a way that feels uniquely hers. I’ve just been trying to think if there’s any other artists out there like her right now and I can’t think of any. “ Nashville’s Country Music According to Kim, Kim Alexander, April 2016.

“I grew up in Cleveland into The Beatles, Pretenders, Motels…pop music. People are talking about how I crossed over with my recent re-mix release of “Faith”, but I charted AC and Top 40 from the beginning of my career,” Carey says. “I see my songs as little films. Stories with a point of view,” the ex-actress says.
Featured on KCAL 9/CBS LA’s The Weekend Morning Show this past January, the longtime Supercuts Ambassador’s music video views of Bottle Your Crazy Up, Party at the Beach and Faith, are racking up major label numbers, with plenty of summer and fall performances ahead for her growing fanbase to enjoy. Eileen will be playing Rippy’s two consecutive nights, Friday and Saturday the 6th and the 7th at the Country Music Festival in June.

Currently in the studio working on new material for a fifth career album with her stallworth producer Travis Allen Childress of Nashville Tracks, and writing with hit songwriting partner Kathrine Grimm, Carey has set a caracteristically high bar to reach,“This past year has been a whirlwind,” says Carey. “But a whirlwind’s my kind of weather. My fans have made all the achievements possible, and I intend to match their enthusiasm with equal musical energy.”
Like her music Eileen Carey is a lot of things, but impossible to pidgeon-hole. She is an animal rescuing, kick-boxing, wisdom and good sense “Music Mom” (featured as such on trhe Nick Jr. docu-comedy ‘Take Me To Your Mother’), darling of the Venice Beach California homeless community, and a no holds barred women’s advocate country-pop singer -songwriter. If that seems far-fetched, you don’t know Eileen Carey.

“There are two ecstatic moments for a woman,” says Carey.  “One is when she falls madly in love, and the other is when she realizes she has all the skill and strength needed to captain her own life.  A lot of my songs are about the latter ecstasy.  I see the songs as representing a kind of sweet militancy.”
She is also, one of the most “pay-it-forward” artists in any genre of music today. She puts her considerable influence in California to good use for the communities she lives in. For years Eileen donated her performances to the Annual Summerfest on Venice Beach, California for the Homeless, and the Make-A-Wish-Foundation, in 2014 she was honored at the event as it’s Spotlight Artist. Last July she co-produced and co-headlined a fundraiser at for the non-profit called FixNation, which provides free medical services to the homeless animal community in Los Angeles, primarily the cat population, at the legendary Autry (Gene Autry) Musuem.

Eileen’s fanbase though, has recognized her for a long time, for beinjg just that, being that eclectic country based musician that charts top country at the same time topping her share of AC/Top40 charts as well; and with the same track. Actually no surprise about this Ohio girl who has spent the last twenty years creating her brand of California Country, out of Altadena, CA, in the foothills of Pasadena. Like a Keith Urban or Daruis Ruckers, she is that kind of artist that is a true crossover, adding new dimensions to both. She rocks country as good as anyone, while taking the subject matter to a different place then country usually goes to.

“Eileen Carey is a singer-songwriter-vocalist in the Pop-Country genre who has emerged over the last few years as both an accomplished storyteller and effective, appealing stylist, while making music that deftly combines country influences with pop arrangements. Her songs also offer distinct, prominent messages about personal empowerment and emotional fulfillment.” – Ron Wynn, Nashville Music Guide., 2014.

Nick Vucinovich, April 25, 2016 for Country Music News International
Christian Lamitschka um 7:17

Country’s best ‘Nashville 4×05 Promo “Stop The World (And Let Me Off)” (HD)’

Nashville de razendpopulaire serie op netflix van ABC komt een dezer dagen met Seizoen 5.

Veronica ‘als je nog niet van Country houdt ben je verkocht na het zien van Nasville’

Een beter compliment is er niet. Immers Douwe Bob gaat ons op het Eurovisie Songfestival vertegenwoordigen met Country.

Wist je dat Adele in seizoen 3 in afleveringen meespeelt? Ze is op zoek naar songs voor het album 25!

Ze was in Nashville in die tijd tijdens een tour in de stad die muziek uitadement. Het levenslied.

Country = het levenslied. Hazes was soul blues een beetje country bovenalles ‘het levenslied’.

Ilse de Lange is nu met The Common Limits dichtbij DE doorbraak.

Eileen Carey is eigen Rayna Janes. DE ster. Met 1 verschil haar huwelijk is sterk en bestand the dream. Waar Rayna nu is.

De serie met “Juliette -Linsey Lowan- Barnes” als de drank en drugs problem star. Luke Wheeler Johny Cash de man die alles verloor. Deacon ‘het talent’ gaat bijna dood aan leverkanker maar wordt op tijd gered door Beverly zijn zeer getalenteerde mislukte zangeres.

De perfecte inkijk in de ruwe muzielbranche. Zo waar dat je niet alleen van de muziek gaat houden nee je gaat het begrijpen.

Ik kijk al terug naar de serie die mij tijdens 6 mnd op bed liggen met trombose hielp het vol te houden samen het ‘House of Cards’.

Netflix geeft ons de kans om die prachtige dramaseries ABC te zien. Ontspanning als lezen niet kan ivm zware medicatie (ogen bijwerking).

Ik kan niet wachten op seizoen 5. Gaan Deacon en Rayna eindelijk trouwen? Komt Julliete Barnes bij zinnen en …. komt Luke de gay zanger weer aan bod?

Eileen Carey New Music Weekly’s Country Breakthrough Artist of the Year 2016.

Eileen Carey New Music Weekly’s Country Breakthrough Artist of the Year 2016.



Faith say’s it all. Winning this ‘oscar’ is sooooo important. How nerverecking it is to wait …. Eileen my friend you deserve it.


“It is an honor to win a major music award. I want to thank all of you who have voted for me these past months for my nominations, and of course for picking me as NMW’s Country Breakthrough Artist of the Year! With great love and appreciation!” Eileen Carey

Believe miracles happen

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TY folks!!