You and I

You and I
Somewhat years ago, we talked about a letter

A letter written to prevent a disaster

A letter written straight from the heart

Somewhat years ago we drifted
Before that time we where lovers

Lovers with a series of good times

It felt like a lasting love

A love to last forever
Somewhat months ago, we talked about live

A talk that changed our lives

A talk that changes our future

Somewhat moths ago our hearts drifted
Before that time, we where lonely

Lonely in two differents lives

One solitary, one married

But our hearts melted again
Somewhat days ago, one life was shattered

A quaral disrupted our lives

A truth that had be said

Somewhat days ago, ‘us’ was discovered
Before that time we could talk freely

In our prefered time

Prefered ways

Knowing we cannot do without
A good day ago, we discovered something new

Our melted hearts 

Cannot be departed

We seek our way to stay together
Not one can seperate us. Never again

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