Love is ‘in the air’ Eileen Carey releases new hit video

 Many of us remember the love that we see in this beautifull video filmed in Paris. City of love. The words fit right into it and take you back to those days or into your current situation.

Do you remember it? That very first love that sets you free? I certainly do… I am actually reliving it, even better so. 

“We premiered the track a few months ago – now Popdose is pleased to present the video for Eileen Carey’s single, “In The Air”. Directed by Taner Tumyaka and filmed on the streets of Paris, the video for “In the Air” is a heartfelt tribute to the city Ms. Carey visited two weeks before terrorists killed 130 people in November, 2015. Featuring dancers Kristen Morris and Daniel Kermidas, the video is a reminder of the conquering nature of love in such troubled times.

Ms. Carey’s thoughts are these: “Paris is such a whirlwind of love, romance, and excitement. The city inspired me to write a love song for two people set in the gaiety that is still Paris. Simply put, it is about love over hate.”

That’s a pretty good sentiment, indeed. We hope you enjoy what you see and hear.” –