Poetry from the heart By Dorothy Leighton 

Dorothy Leighton, healer and psychic is someone that I met years ago. Its like we know eachother for ages. For some time now she also started writing poetry. These three I want to share with you. If you read them you understand. Believe….

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I want to know 

the look of you, 

the feel, taste, 

and scent of you; 

I want to commit 

you to memory, 

file you away 

for safekeeping 

in my mind and heart; 

I want to lay my soul 

bare before you, 

leaving no barrier between us; 

I want to come, 

to you naked, 

no pretense, no lies, 

just me, imperfect me, 

holding out my heart and hand; 

let me know all of you; 

invite me into 

your heart and soul: 

let me make a home there, 

a warm.safe haven 

from the storms of life; 

live with me, 

love with me, 

laugh with me; 

dare to let me into 

the hidden places 

in your soul, 

the places only 

you and I will know; 

cone to me 

as I do you, 

open, honest, and true; 

show me how 

to love you.
Timeless Love


Out of the mists of time 

you call me, 

Softly, gently, urgently, 

Where are you my love 

my heart, 

the one I have been searching for, 

Which lifetime is this for us? 

There have been so many  

I’ve lost count. 

Let’s get it right this time; 

I couldn’t bear the pain, 

Of losing you again.

From the sea I came, 

and to the sea I shall return, 

water nourishes me, 

and feeds my soul;  

I am neither man nor beast, 

fish nor fowl, 

I simply AM! 

I rise conscious of my wakefulness 

aware of my existance; 

I tread lightly, purposefully, 

secure in the knowledge  

that I am. 

I am keenly aware 

that I am not yet fully formed. 

Undine* is my name, 


water sprite, 

fairy of the sea, 

elemental being. 

Mists of time and place 

call me here, 

call me into being, 

wake me from my slumber. 

Water is my life force,  

my life blood, 

without it I am dust, 

I am nothing, 

I do not exist! 

My love awaits me, 

calling me to him; 

his voice whispering on the wind, 

echoing through the trees, 

surrounding me, 

gently caressing me 

at the very center of my being; 

we are as one he and I; 

one soul, two bodies united, 

bound together for all eternity; 

his essence fills me,  

intoxicates me, 

and I am drunk with desire; 

he is of earth at water’s edge; 

he grounds me. 

*Undine, prounced Ondine