Asia Nicole an inspiring young artist


My name would not be Isabel if I would not ask for more information. Asia Nicole’s manager sended me the bio of a stunning rising young star to be.

Asia Nicole hails from Yulee, Florida, but now resides in Atlanta, GA.

At the age of 6, she made herself noticeable by performing solos for family members and neighbors. Asia Nicole was a member of her church kids choir and was a part of her school chorus. She never backed away from the microphone and she often stepped out to take on a solo. Asia Nicole had a passion for singing and realized this was something she was born to do.

She made her mark as a newcomer to the Industry in December 2012 when she won “Atlanta’s Hottest Future Superstar” under 18 award.
This accomplishment boosted her self-confidence, making her aware of the special gift she had been blessed with.

At age 12 she won the first place at “King Ryans Music Showcase” showing her talent was solid!
She was the only teen artist.

In 2014 she won pop artist of the year at the “Clean Music Movement” Award and was also a nominee for The 2015 Georgia Music Youth Award.

Asia Nicole doesn’t only sing to entertain, but rather to inspire and empower others. Asia Nicole has used her talent in supporting causes such as anti-bullying and in fund-raising for charities.

Asia Nicole’s inspiration for music is drawn through artist such as Christina Aguilera, Beyoncé, and Rihanna. She has performed at places such as the Cobb Galleria, The Georgia Convention Center, The 2015 Atlanta New Year’s Eve Peach Drop, and Hard Rock Cafe.

With her level of persistence and ability, the rising star will undoubtedly accomplish her goal of becoming a well-known Artist, entertaining millions.

Asia Nicole