And the winner is …. The Revenant Spotlight Room Leonardo and Brie


Finally Leonardo has his Oscar and Alejondro best director.

The Room wow Brie Larson not Cate Blanchet. Not 1 expected that 1 coming besides Julian Moore.. red carpet.

Best Movie Spotlight about child abuse.

MadMax won almost all graphics make up oscars there are instead of Starwars.

The Danish girl Alexandra great deserved winner.

Just a few winners.

Unexpected Spectre best song. Thats advertising for sure. Bookies had Gaga way up. She deserved it. A statement for rape victims. Even Perez Hilton shutted up after being critized. Well he broke in to her appartment..not a wise idea…

But the real winner Chris Rock who really rocked in his one men show. In this ‘boring’ controverse edition. In the beginning.

After 15 minutes all livestream where off ABC said ‘we have over 180 countries covering but is that a fact? Fiji cannot pay 22 miljon dosolr to broadcast. Vivo central America coverage was down after 20 minutes.

So who watched? ABC and a few networks. I bet on purpose it was the first fast take off livestream coverage ever. Now we know why HBO declined.

Nevertheless the unexepted won. And thats what counts.

I guess the Golden Globes indeed predict well but Brie she came talked ‘no with these opponents I cannot win’ only little 9 year old superstar said it. And he was right then Julian Moore… then twitter. Who won? Twitter not the show.

Tip give livestream next year the stage back. Thats the biggest mistake.. to bad cause the World is not living in ABC county.