Oscar dominater 12 nominees ‘The Revenant | “A World Unseen” Documentary | 20th Century FOX’ and Joy unexpected succes

It’s D-Day Oscar day

List of the nominees

2016 controversial great movies lots of drama and outstanding performances. I selected 4. Those who captured me. The Revenant, Joy, The Danish Girl and Creed.

2016 goes in the book of historie of the less live seen and most discriminated edition then ever before. Again the committee who ever they may be are discriminating the finest actors with a tan mostly eager to get on long vacations. Nigger lord help me I hate that word. Colored same there. Why aren’t they able in Hollywood to accept the actors! Aw and the empty seats. Maybe thats why HBO is not broadcasting it live. Pro7 and ABC broadcoast (22 MILJON DOLLAR IS WHAT THEY ASK) Theathers giving a live ‘oscar’ show. But the committee has to change. Otherwise it’s doomed…. nevertheless we will love the red carpet drama flaws cryies etc. And the Oscar goes to….

This years edition has good movies and the Golden Globes are mostly right about who wins. Who will shock us this year? It would be awsome if all use dark make up to make a point or dress in black. But that won’t happen.

Leonardo di Caprio is not just a charming actor but a very talented ‘Marlon Brandon’ style actor. No need to discuss his ability to take a rol serious and put a movie into perspective.

Nevertheless countless nominations he never won the real deal Best Actor. It will be impossible to not give him the honor after all his successfully leading rolls. Bookings have him high. I have hardly a doubt he will win.

The Revenant is raw movie based on actual events in where discrimination is a leading part. Indians. Leo lost his Indian spouse loses his son by a hater survives a bear attack and gets even with the men who ruined many lives. It’s not just a movie but a statement.

And against all odds I believe it deserves the Oscar for best movie to.

Joy the unexpected succes

Not 1 thought the “The Hunger games face” would win the Golden Globe. 5th in the bookies list. But I think it was a neck on neck race with the nr 1. The way it’s filmed is extraordinary. She cannot give up and won’t. Be honest we all use that mob.

I am not kidding. The struggle to survive the cons who steal. It’s not just another american dream story. It’s THE story. 1 idea mayor depts and not giving up. That’s why I believe who the Oscar wins. This movie shows the talent of why we love the Hungergames. This girl is the real deal.

The Danish Girl

Strength is the story ‘transgender’. This drama will capture your heart no doubt about it. A strong movie good acting and the leading part incredible well played. But this battle is not as strong as Joy’s battle….. 50/50. Both actresses deserve the oscar.


Rocky is a legend loved by many and with Creed Stalone shows who he is. A gentleman a fighter a legend that should have won an oscar for Rocky. In this incredible good drama he gets a shot that he deserves it. Creed jr has to pursuit him to become his trainer. It’s not what Bilboa wants. Dad Apollo was his best friends but he takes the shot to train and guide the young Creed. He sees his dad and threats him as his son. A father son relationship reveals slowly in a stunning drama movie which is not about fighting but about the dream the wish and pursuit a dream. Creed 2 is next in line and if Stalone makes it like this 1 he builds a strong line in the Bilboa series. Cause Creeds eagers and tempts for a part 2.

The Danish Girl