The Voice off Holland live

Author:Isabel Blanco

Semi finals coaches Ali B and Miss Montreal joking around.

Humor and critical remarks go hand in hand



Coolest part all coached have 1 talent for the tittle. Marco Borsato 6 years juror – coach won a few times. Will he win in his final year with Maan? Or will Brace Dutch singer songwriter win. Rock lovers have Dave to vote for or will Jennie top favourite win.

This year’s season is the best ever. So many talent to choose from. Fierce battles and thrilling knockout round and 6 extraordinary liveshows. As viewer you want no one to go. Ivar Vermeulen a multi talented singer songwriter stranded in show 6. Neda Boin show 3. Not deserved in my personal opinion however not all can stay.

<a href="!/the-voice-of-holland-234425/67d3df43-67c1-3b67-8b65-63151cfda9d8“>RTL XL the Voice semi final

Don’t we all know the Voice? How many was there actually? A handfull. The choosens onces. I was there januari 22 semi finals Holland the country that gave birth to THE VOICE lucky me not as press but visitor


This men John de Mol created the show. He sold it to over 80 countries and changed it entirely! WHAT yes its changed the concept its not audition coach battle. NEW KNOCK OUT

We had the premiere of the new VOICE!


Melissa her talent is groing she dit make it to the semi finals but she will get there!

Tip winner this years Voice the favourite Jennie Lena

0mg decor incredible.



My luck a winning ticket wheelchair and The Crew gave me tickets for the semi finals. It can’t get better then that. Finals are sold out by the annoucement.