Review Nell with Jodie Foster Liam Neeson is kinda The Oscar Boycot Will Smiths Jada Pinkett-Smith

Author Isabel Blanco

Nell “the wild girl” found in the woods left to who would find her. Her mother Violet died had afasie (caused by a stroke inability to say what you want) and could write a little.

She left a note. Dr Lovell finds her with the county sherif. Violey was known living in the woods. But not her kids a twin.

Nell stayed alive her sister died when she was around 6-10. She cannot speak understands the bible and quotes in the afasie English she learned.

She gets very attached to the men dr Lovell who had the note ‘take care of her’ and later to Paula the scientist who helps him to learn her English.

They do not know how long her mom died but survived a long time alone. However she is scared of the day.

Allthough they don’t want to take her out of her own enviremont they know they cannot hide her forever. So Lovell starts slowly to remove her daylight movie. Not knowing it’s due to 2 brutal fellows in a nearby city who abused her.

Jodie Foster plays her role brilliant. She is one of the best actessed for a reason. And also fights her gay battle with Ellen Degenree and many others.

Nell was a huge Oscar hit. Back then Jodie not yet out of the closet won her oscar. Later she said it wide-out.

WE a minority not wanted by society are also Hollywood outcast. Revering to ‘Black Broke Mountain’ but also revering to another group of oscars who hardly win Oscars due to the color of the skin.

Will Smith Denzel Washington Morgan Freeman they had nominees Sidney Poitier the first.

Wills wife is a hero. She boycots the Oscars as Jodie dit to for a while. He won a golden globe THE pre event of the Oscars but again no nomination.

Yesterday  I saw the movie Selma Dr Martin Luther King 1965. Speechless and crying I watched it. Oscars? Yes but not enough.

Today Nell seperated wild girl who captures todays news. The Oscar boycot. Why this compare…. Jodie Foster got overruled by being lesbian now again the colored actors have no change at winning at all.

Who boycots? Michael Moore the rebel, Spike Lee of course Will Smith and his wife who made the intro to the boycot Jada Pinkett Smiths who deserves a prize for her call. I bet a lot will boycot and I agree if I had an invition I would say no thanks.

Colored are welcome to perform gays lesbians to BUT we will not let you in totally. That’s what I don’t get. Why are gay lesbian colored (I hate that word colored they are human) not having equality there! It’s time to boycot big time. Put the ELDERS IN NELLS HOUSE IN THE WOODS. Think it’s an award for talent

Is it not the performance that counts?

And why is COUNT BESSIE less awarded as it deserves.

Aren’t the Oscars ment for BEST performances? The real deal?

In the music branche nobody cares about color gay etc Art neither. The performance counts….. racisme had to be banned long time ago in the movie historie of Oscars it’s a shame. The US black President  Obama. The violence that dr King wanted to go away is still there. And with the decisions of the OSCAR board where back to squire 1 segregation.

We viewers journalist cannot understand this. Oprah Winfrey startee in “The colored Purple” made and produced amazing drama movies like Selma The Beloved Great Debaters and THE movie about Slavery with Denzel Washington and many other amazing actors Amistad. Its a long list after Roots.

Tearjeakers….but like Nell the dream of dr King is not fullfilled yet… “together as one” will it ever?

Dispite amazing acting there is still a huge gap that is not supposed to be there.

Of course Leonardo DiCaprio deserves another with “The Revenant” but Leonardo also made it very clear what side he is on like Brad Pitt George Clooney and many more “equality” the talent makes the movie not a color race gay or whatever Else.

Was it not David Bowie who seeked all borders not only as a musician but also as an actor. Bowie represents change. He would have said “here we go again” ….

Yet I believe that a good boycot a voice will give us what is needed OSCARS FOR TALENT.

Believe miracles happen