New Years day – Nieuw jaars dag 2016

Down under they sleep and party. Tokyo Shangai celebrates. The clock turns us backwards to a new year.


2016 so near possibilities are endless

2015 is not a milestone. It was a year full fear attacks terrorism a year that started stormy and ends stormy. War stormy miljons drift.

If you look closer at home we grieve moarn joy celebrate die. Sickness losses. Suffer and victims of war we let in with a huge but.

The handicapt suffer deeply. Soldiers find the never ending war to peace. Centuries BC AC.

Religions are further departed then ever before. We lost the ability to speak. IS is the middle of all of this. It created a new religious ridiculous war. Unable to talk able to fight for a non existing war. Their Jihad is supported by a way the devistation is huge.

Reflecting 2015 is difficult. We had little to celebrate yet I ask you to celebrate. Remember the good moments be brave in your environment. Don’t be scared. And try to find your back home again. A lot are lost. Aquarius starts allways in deep dark times but the shift is on it’s way.

Celebrate 2016 an new beginning. Seek your answers within yourself. Your heart. Ask what YOU want and act on it.

That way we all together will truly see a happy new year.

Believe miracles happen