‘The Real Crime Story – Selena Gun Downed HD’ op

https://youtu.be/QEEZ2Xupkb8 Spanish para todos

Selena. A young star killed 20 years ago after discovering fraud from Yolanda who leaded her fanclub.

This year Yolanda convinced for live tries to get out of prison.

Selena had her breakthrough in 1993 and somehow if you op YouTube she stays a star.

Since she was a kid all she wanted was 2 things make music in her late teens Mary Criss Perez. Leadguitar player in her band “Salinas” and the love of her life. He moved with his life coped with her family but the murder on this fantastic blooming star is a life sentence for them to.

20 years still no peace of mind because Yolanda won’t give them peace and time to grieve.

The movie with Jennifer Lopez gives a very good eye on who she was. Real footage of Selena performing herself and the story of her so young life was and will be a hit. Due to 1 thing called love.

I hope that the family and Chris finally get a chance to get their life back this Christmas. If Santa is good Yolanda stays where she belongs. In prison and I pray she will stop lying because that’s the hardest part.

My brother was killed October 24 2009. We as family where haunted threathed Sister has to be killed. False accusations with predator information.

My brother was poisoned reading that in 2011 was the hardest off all since the murderer just had escaped from his trial due to a “technical mistake”. He left the country immediate but I am sure that my brothers death was not his first killing. After a mutual friend changed his testimony he “died” circumstances “not natural” last seen on the crime scene indeed my brothers killer. Obsessed sex addicted and a pedophile those who haunt me still also are members of the dark side of Internet hidden SM and pedophile sites.

Why tell my story with Selena? Both had 1 thing in common a loving heart and both where killed for it.

Love these day’s leaves a huge pile of victims all killed.

Is this what we want?