Kerst December forgiveness month


De engel van vrede. De ster voor de 3 Koningen de maand december is bijzonder. Om terug te kijken. Voor zelfreflectie en om zij die er niet meer zijn in ons hart te danken voor hun tijd onder ons.


Santa is coming straight into our heart to reflect the past year. What have done. Who do we miss. What happened en finally how do we close off the year.

In reflection we mirror ourselves and enjoy our success moarn loss and jearn for the coming. What do you want your live to be or become?

Besides peace it’s more the you I am I want I need I know I learned I love. That’s a lot in 1 sentence yet not selfish at all. God’s gift to all of us is a month to think. To moarn. To accept and adapt.

A year seems a lifetime but it’s not. The older you get the harder and faster the days go by. And the December arrives. The final days of another year where 1 had its breakthrough or became sick or passed away found success love peace of mind and happiness.

And we finally stop to think of what happened.

I lost friends in plane crash 1 in a terrorist attack 1 by his horrific change of being. From civil to destructive. I got sicker and yet at the dangerous sites God gave me remission nevertheless that wheelchair will not leave my life anymore no matter what I tried no matter how hard I worked in fysiotherapie those days are over.

2015 was dispite the hard diagnoses and losses a good year to reflect and learn from knowing that 2016 will be harder then ever before regarding my health. But better then ever before in writing. Hopefully a few  stubborn ones will accept what happened for real.

The best I learned was move on. Final forgiveness for that past. Closure is so precious that I want to scream it out. If you want to find your inner peace so it shows into a bright light out of you then walk out of that dark shadow of the valley of darkness and fear nothing.

A life hollow and shallow brings darkness and death. Many of us suffer from darkness called terrorism. We can’t blame any God for that only the Politicians we have chosen to lead us.

I believe that 2015 is D-day year where the end of darkness is near and where love will find it’s place instead of the darkness we are in as we speak.

I encourage all to take of the coat of “he she is the darkness” and put in the coat of forgiveness and love”.

Once we are able to spread unconditional love then you will find yourself and the light we need.