Casino Royale versus 50 shades


This fits perfect for both movies. Bond shaken not stirred or submission.

Both are killers in books and movies.  50 shades had more rumours then Bond will ever get.

Why him as actor that part is the same. Why she was a big mistake after you see 50 shades.

Power. Bond or Grey?

Bondage is what Grey desires and submission but Anastasia said no.

Bond is allways the dominant allways wins. Grey dit to unroll a certain Virgin conquered his heart. She tied him not the opposite.

No I dit not read 50 shades hate the parts that I dit read and still hate it. Grey does to but refuses to admit that he is ready for a loving romantic relationship.

The movie intrigued me. Bond Casino Royale again not. Not 1 movie gives the impacts off Ian Flemings intention. 1 actor had it. Sean Connery.

I love Craig as an actor. He is talented and could even be easily Oscar material however Bond is a risk. Play it once it’s hard to get out of it.

Sean Connery and Pierce Brosnan indeed shook of Bond.

Grey has more in stall also.

The combination of these movies might seen ridiculous but is it? Bond is also the dominant with not 1 sense humanity both can’t afford or would it become better if they let in the soft side.

SM as it is sold opened a gate off an absurd abnormal live. Those who choose this have more then 1 screw loose in their mind. Love is not about power mind games etc it’s abuse of the submitter.  When Anastasia said no Grey crossed the line and her words will Crack a lot of into this types as in WTF.

The winner is Anastasia she is tougher then Bond and more dominat then Grey. She won with not 1 star but 5.

Why? Read above she chooses the time she wants to spend.

Is it right to compare 2 so far away from each other movies? It’s a dare.

But I enjoyed Anastasia as the mind trigger. Without being into it she broke Grey from “I am” to “what is what want I want to be loved”. And that combines the movies. Craig is a good Bond but darn lonely maybe it’s time for a team Bond and Mrs Bond.

Indeed Mr and Mrs Smith is a good example of what both Grey and Bond miss. A strong lady as a loving partner.

Boy the critics where horrific for 50 Shades but sorry colleagues you read the books but not the writers intentions she wanted a different movie then the 3 books and that’s exactly what she achieved. The movie is more interesting then the horrible books. It makes you watch and wonder who wins but if you wacht open minded you know that SHE wins. The normal versus persevity wins.

We simply don’t want to be an object of submission but need a free mind and choice and Bond to kill the but head politicians with their idiotic ideas. Knowing power makes leaders a submitter or dominant it’s time for more Anastasia characters to give change a boost.