‘Jurassic World’ 2015

The trailer is smashing and typically Steven Spielberg.

After Jurrasic Park it was almost impossible to make a movie as strong as this one. Was it possible after “Back to the Future and Indiana Jones’ to make a successful sequel?

Don’t we all love movies where the impossible is brought back to life with not T-Rex but a clone failure with highly intelligence that takes over an incredible beatyful island?

The release is nearly as expensive as ‘Spectre 007′ that needs an incredible release gigantic advertising campaign. Nor the costs to make a giant movie.

I was a bit sceptic because the cast is new full TV series actors. Can they bring it alive at a big screen?

Yes they dit. In fact the male lead could easily take part 4 as Indiana Jones.

This time the breeding is not the big part but the dinosaurs alive and kicking and visitors are driving kanoening or use special small vehicles to see them in a natural atmosphere.

However one scientist crossed the border. When the main breeder has to inspect this creature he is stunned angry and surprised by it’s intelligence speed and angry nature.

When it finds it’s way out of his cave the truth comes out. An Army experiment.

The hunt alone is worthy to watch the movie. So have fun. I had fun watching it.