‘Carnelia “Africa the Great” episodes

Auteur: Isabel Blanco

“Africa the great” a youtube Zombie project from 4 episodes. The trigger for me was the music.

The leadsinger looks a bit like Rambo in this intriging small project. More info follows including a bio from the band. Carnelia.

Many big stars started on youtube. Who knows what future may bring from this release.

Part 1:

“Africa the great”

Part 2:


Part 3:

“Way down to Mexico”

Part 4:

“Way down to Ducktown”

So tell me what do you think? Great camerawork for an amateur. I think it has potention. Listen to this Craig Carnelia live

Then the saturday in totall….

Yesterday was a day to remember. Sometimes you deal with different things at once. I made a live review from Hollands “Dance Dance Dance” episode 2.

A groomer pedophile Ricardo W from “Amsterdam” threatend me in messenger with a picture of a 2.5 year old tottler from Southampton. A missing child. Twitter is at that moment the best and fastest way to reach the info out to the Police with the help of a follower of me on facebook and twitter. Another gave more info. So the case is in good hands. The child is safe. 2 groomers on the run for the Police.

And in my inbox on twitter I received these video clips. A small movie about Zombies. The hit of todays tv. American Horror series 15 is again loaded with emmy awards. I watched 2 episodes but dispite the great cast with Jessica Lange (she stops after the this episide 15). It is not for me I like Freddy Kreuger kinda horror movies more. But top on my list a good drama, thriller or mob movies.

Believe miracles happen

Then you receive this. Knowing that American Horror also started small on youtube.