Racism on sociale media is the new ‘cancer’

<strong>warning the mirror has a hacktool shuts your phone down best is not to read the crap of these idiots. They use us for 2 reasons. Lies and hacking to rob your blind

1 friends request on facebook and 1 found 12 anti islam kluxkluxclan like groups and UK anti everything groups 4 miljon supporters.

You see daily the horror of refugees and yes we have to be carefull but what the “hidden behind horrible selfies full hate” want is ‘bullet in the head’ that mr on facebook had a simple interrigation. I asked a few questions and explained the Islam.

80% is still anti jihad “thay shall not kill” are just as we in shock of the poor drowned tottler.

YES there are radical groups now that “All Queda” lost most cells.

But imagine ‘what if Bush dit not start the war on terror’ in 2.5 months the deployed soldiers finally come back from hell Kabul Afghanistan. It is chaos. It shoot is  to kill cause I like it. This country the civilwar started ages ago generations ago. Kids are born with an ak47. The first words kill and leave us alone.

Not every asian country is ready for democracy.

this is an example UK news

Privacy Policy (duh what for to scream louder?)

Gun Sales Set Record, Showing Americans Aren’t Stupid (in the US its legal to have a gun lincence needed)

Note: lets count indoctrine lies)

As President Barack Obama uses every mass shooting to promote gun control, common-sense Americans are buying guns in record numbers.(not true every 5 years the licence has to be renewed not ever American buys a new gun then).

Gun sales continue to climb, reaching a record high this past June, topping the FBI background checks for June since the agency began keeping records in 1998. ( bullshit follow fbi news it reduced less sales).

The 11 percent increase–1.53 million checks–continues an overall increase in yearly weapons purchases. ( Hitler promised parents that their handicapt dland down kids went to 5* facilities. He tested the gass to use for all who died in camps) Checks remained generally no higher than 8.95 million before 2006, but jumped 12 percent to $10.03 million that year. Checks climbed to 21.09 million in 2013 and 20.96 million last year. So far at half-year, checks are at 10.96 million. ( the jihad groups are the real buyers)

best example no knowledge wikipedia is free to use this part is a comic soap for idiots)

Theories abound about the increase. Some see it as the “Obama effect”–fear of more gun control and an increasingly overreaching federal government. This was clearly one of founders’ reasons for private gun ownership (who??? Isis all quada etc ). “Firearms stand next in importance to the Constitution itself.(5th amendement) They are the American people’s liberty teeth and keystone under independence,” said George Washington, for example. ( Goerge Washington turns around in his grave teeth is rooth keystone was never used by him and in his days the war was going on. He was killed during those days. He is the founder in making the constitution ) When gun sales surged in 2009, people in the gun industry joked that President Barack Obama was “the greatest gun salesman of all time.” ( Bush was!!! Not Obama its Bushes bill war on terror).

Joshua Krause of the DC Clothesline opines that a recent drop in guns and ammunition prices also have helped: (finally we read it drop of Sales)

It wasn’t that long ago that we were experiencing severe ammunition ( tottlerschool writing geez this ‘journalist has to restart watching Sesamystreet) and firearm shortages. The prices for pretty much every kind of weapon reached outrageous levels, and there was a waiting list for just about everything gun related. But over the past two years or so, the cost of firearms has finally fallen to a reasonable price point, and ammo shortages have largely relented. Contrary to popular belief however, gun purchases have not fallen. In fact, it seems that Americans are still buying more guns then ever before. (sigh now is it MORE OR LESS COME ON)

Writing in Forbes, Frank Miniter states that the public attitude toward guns has become more positive (less). “In 1959 some 60 percent of the American public favored handgun bans, according to Gallup, whereas today 73 percent oppose such bans and only 26 percent want bans on handguns,” he says. (this wapon owner said he is glad its now used in capable military hands he produces for that not for home. You cant buy tanks bazookas etc).

Michael Bazinet, spokesman for the National Shooting Sports Foundation, a gun industry (it is not an industry but a schoolcgroup, said the increase is driven in part by the influx of more women and first-time gun owners into the market. Nearly 80 percent of gun retailers reported an increase in female customers in 2012, the most recent figures from the NSSF. In Florida, 22 percent of the concealed carry permits are held by women. In Texas, women hold 28 percent of concealed carry permits, up sevenfold in the last 10 years.

Mass shooting always result in demands for more gun control, but the public seems to be reacting the opposite way. Between 2004 and 2012, gun ownership increased by 61 percent. But since 2008, violent crimes decreased by 12.9 percent. ( tipical no refering columbine and other school mass shooting incidents).

Believe and stay on both off your feet don’t get in the hands of idiots like these.