Dafne Schippers wins 200m Gold Beijing (28/08/15) IAAF World Championships’

The Dutch saw old videos of a young girl with 2 dreams this gold and Olympic gold in Rio de Janeiro 2016.

After hearing Usain Bolt say “she is the fastest woman in the world a miracle with a fenominal time” we know for sure. The 3th best time ever is officially nr 1 now. Florence and Marylin where tested positive on doping. To bad I liked Florence I met her in 1992 in Barcelona where she won several golden medals was one of a kind. I saw her 12 times in de metro of Barcelona mom and I spoke for hours with her. She and het husband where so nice. She invited me to visit her in the US but she passed away age 48. To early cause heartfailure.

Her husband succesfully won lawsuits from the US Athletics team and staff. Florence was born with a non lethal heart condition. The medical team knew the consecuenses. Florence had no idea that she was poisend by the so cold “cold meds” they gave her.

Others knew said nothing some dit not. It was the time of the coldwar.
We all know how Russia East Germany and China won.

Why am I posting this story in Dafne’s succes story? Simple every single day the press haunted no stalked her with 1 question ” what drugs are you on”.

Her answer “train daily” that statement made her the queen of Being because all athletes used that very same answer.

Time to enjoy sport again. And yes a few will keep taking dope in all disciplines but they lost it fromthe real sportsmen and woman. Train train train.

Ow and I look forward to the icespeedskaters.