Ted Miller – Shake That That’

Ted Miller – Shake That That

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Who is Ted? Besides young and talented.

Ted Miller, a Miami, Florida native, is a singer-songwriter who has recently completed his new single titled “Shake That That,” which is a fusion of Mainstream Top 40, Pop Music, Hot AC combined with a little bit of Rock and Roll that will rock your world! Ted Miller’s music could be best described as a combination of Adam Levine and the Rolling Stones but with the moves like Ted Miller. The single “Shake That That,” has just been released. 

Throughout his youth, Ted has maintained an amazing ear for writing music and has been a singer song writer for the past 20 years and a drummer since the age of six years old.

Growing up, Ted would spend part of the year upstate New York with his family and grandparents who originated from Greece.  His mother is a New York native and father originally from Virginia, a U.S. Army veteran. Ted resides in Miami where he was born and raised. When in Miami, Florida, he can be found be exercising  in and around the beautiful beaches along Miami Beach and Key Biscayne. His hobbies include tennis, walking and swimming, and has a strong passion for love of country, family, friends and fans.

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New Release

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Miami, Florida, Ted Miller’s “Shake That That,” a Hot AC, Top 40, Pop Song has just been released this March 2015 and is making sound waves here in America and around the world! Shake That That,” by Ted Miller is available on iTunes and in all online stores now. 

Ted Miller has collaborated with industry greats guitarist Dan Warner, on the keyboards Doug Emery and on the Drums Lee Levin to co-write and produce together an amazing single that is exciting, hot, sexy and very sweet.

Who is the “Shake That That Feature Girl”! We will soon find out! Listen to and watch this exciting invigorating song & music video of “Shake That That,” and you too will soon find out!

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