(AQUILINA) Bragi’s Sketch Book (EP) – SoundCoud

Luister naar Bragi’s Sketch Book (EP) van aquilinamusic #np op #SoundCloud http://soundcloud.com/aquilinamusic/sets/bragis-sketch-book-ep

Its to bad no visual but do we need it? Just listen open op for it? It almost loke God sends me talents for BELIEVE TO DISCOVER, THE STAGE IS AWSOME.

Aquiline takes you away from the real world it is a bit psychadelinc. This song. Other tracks are completly different. It’s a wizard. A welcome wizard we need a new Lenny Kravits Aquiline’s music is the closed to that.

Of course I adked morec info.

ART LOVERS Connie Harkeme  made an awsome newsletter…  ♡ I am with my site blessed..