I have a dream today, all we want we can reach


Gods hand

If I look at this image I see hope. There is ‘war’ everyday. Holland lost it’s justice department minister and secretary Opstelten and Teeven. For me and maby a sign of hope. We need a huge change here Local elections in 2 weeks will show a new face and party trade. It is shamefull enough after the childporn coverup that these 2 (minister abd secretary ) sticked on their post. Now all hang thanks to social media. And persistance of a needed change. What change we get? I hope the needed one and no right wing idiotic votes.

A joyfull day GOD EXCIST. The Dutch cheer made many jokes a whole Ministery with coverups says a lot about our so callled non democracy. We have technocrats citizens voices are with many yet infkuenze is 0. The Hague decids not us nor our vote. Most US readers Europe Asia know the Demmink childpornography case. A lot of journalists newpapers where suit and with a few we battled against our “leaders-rulers-thechnocrats” and never gave up. We won. Prize uncertain elections provences in 2 weeks who choose our senate. We don’t vote ours pronves do it is called “democrazy” but it’s not. The Hague allready knows who gets elected in.

I am convinced that my brothers murder octobre 2009 is linked to that Demmink case cause the killer confessed walked out of the his first trial case and due to district attorney paper mistakes (Holland nation of papers laws and rules) they messed up. On purpose! Hope rises. Mr Hyde cannot hide long anymore God excits.

My brother knew to much and at the same time the pressure on me was abnormal. So called friends of his killer filed police reports all ended in my brothers file due to the knowledge of his passing. In 2010 I was interrigated for it! Welcome in the place I dispise my country. In 2012 I tried to sell my passport. I am no Dutchy a part of my bloodline is but I am liberated and free. This is NOT MY HOME it’s on the other side of the Ocean. And if I can go I go nothing besides my medical team dad and a grave keeps me here but my heart and root is where mom died Cuba.


In my personal life I fight the battle of my life. (others tell a lot do not believe those who say I am sound sane healthy cause I am not) Osteoporoses allergies asthma bloodcloths leukemia a trombosis leg keep me indoors because of the discovety off it. A top team works close together to keep me alive.


Why would I lie? Sick is sick. Yet a few say including DUTCH RELATED all lies. The fact that I lost my walk ability in 3 weeks is not true. Lack of braincells and idioric hyoochondria. All dad and I face theirs is worse. Last they said to me was “die” sorry maniacs I refuse to die and fight.