‘Eileen Carey Sweet Love” live

Eileen Carey sings live her latest hit “Sweet Love”


Eileen is not the rising star anymore from 2014 this is her year. She sings in the top off Country. Her shows, albums, perfomances like Venice Beach. Best Country Singer nominee of the most important prize Music is the ultimate drean the same as going from a highschool football team to the Superbowl! She made it! The Top one ofd the best next to the Wynona Judd Dolly Parton Tammy Whynet etc. Grand old Opry here we come.

What’s so special about her besides talent and love forusic. She had a good actress career. For Joey and me it’s easy cause we feel it. “Dass gewisse etwas” a bit more thats it. Her hobby became her maincore. No oscar but music-award surround her and everywhere she goes she makes time for you.

It’s her joy and spirit that make her special. She is a close friend I am blessed being the sick pr writer she asks frequent “Isa how are you doing” she shed tears when they found threy found the cause Joey to “mass cell disease” a difficult bumpy road sincr my future is uncertain. It goes fast and furious racing in my body eating my imuun gave me a trombosis leg (how do you keep her silent? Well this help to get me off the streets) 
I lost my walking ability in a month have more horrible stuff but Eileen cracks me up. She is a true friend with Joey. Thanks soulmates for life.

But 1 thing is for sure. Our Eileen climbs high and we just began to promote her. Her succes gives me the energy to go with the flow knowing that soon she and I and Joey off course will meet eachother jn the “flesh” as the English say it so awsome.

My readers know that Eileen is the best read after “my dream” for us all. A little over 7 miljon per day. And if I forget a week I need a secretary. Yes Perez Hilton you lost your spot in entertainment blogging. Sorry dude you wrecked it single handed by breaking in celebs houses. Let me tell you this never get to close to Eileen. Gaga uses the press I bite.

Believe miracles happen

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