‘Eileen Carey Video Interview by Christian Lamitschka (country music news international)

Eileen Carey Video Interview by Christian Lamitschka for Country Music NewsInternatanional.

This is so awsome this means that our Eileen realy has her year 2015 with an upinternationak touch on it. Why??

This Bottle your crazy as up nr 1. Music is not just talent it is a package of love talent emotion and the twitch you need that makes you the star you will be, some have a long road some a short. Eileens road is fast and furious she has that special “it” what you need. The actress from Batman is becoming one of the biggest country stars ever simply by folllowing her heart. It sounds easy but it’s not. It is a difficult road she tried and succeded, of course I am so darn proud of my friend, she deserves it.

Believe and bottle you crazy ass up.