‘The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies – Offic…’ 5* oscars surprise

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies –

You don’t need to be a fan from the Hobbit or Lords of the Rings to watch this movie. All the caracters come back.

If you saw the entire series and see how it ends. Bilbo receiving Gandalf you know its an open end for another sequall.

The last Hobbit have us Smaug who woke up and you felt the need from Bard to kill him him with thr iron black arrow.

That’s how it starts. Laketown is 1 big fire place with Bard on the watchtower tryting to kill smaug. No need to say he succeeds. Those who play the game build like crazy their own laketown.

I bet you wonder dit Bilbo take the Arkenatone or not?

It ends in a terrible war. Thorin dies his son to. Kili Galadriels love dies. Legolas leaves his dead to move up to the North (Elrond) because he cannot be with his father anymore.

I could reveil all I won’t. Go and see it. It is a 5 star movie with 1 main character. LOVE

LOVE? yes love that’s what we learn from the hobbit. A home means more then all the gold as far as your eyes can reach. It is love that ends the war (and Azogs death) and opens up elfdads heart when he faces galandriels pain over Kili’s “if this is love why does it hurt so much —— because it is real”.

The release around Xmass is a perfect choice. The month of love peace and family gatherings.

Our little burgelor Baggins Bilbo teaches us in a “fantasy” world what it is all about.

If you like a little lords hobbit and fantasy it is a must see movie. The way ALL comes back in the last hour is fantastic. And makes you eager for more OR to watch the others. It’s by far the best one.