Bottle Your Crazy Up –> Eileen Carey worldpremiere

Bottle Your Crazy Up …. you can lalala

That is what I call.a song! It crowls in your head tp stay there. You hum it. Sing it. Eileen. I heard all your work. I amsp darn proud pf our frienship. This could be the one. The after party Venice Beach breakthrough.

You start me lalala ps 1 beer 2 tequilas yeah

View the world premiere of the new video clip for the singer/songwriter’s latest hit.

Eileen Carey is an award-winning singer/songwriter who hails from California. She debuts her new video for “Bottle Your Crazy Up,” a song written by hit songwriters Amy Dalley and Bart Allmand.

Shot primarily at the world-famous Cowboy Palace in Chatsworth, California, the high-spirited video co-stars with Eileen actors Jason Tobias (All Is Not Quiet) and Ava Capra and features choreography by Julie Michaels, from the Patrick Swayze film Road House.

The video finds Carey counseling a young friend during a hard-partying girls’ night out and finds her singing to the friend:

Don’t order the tequila ‘cause you know how you get
Don’t talk about your ex, you ain’t over him yet
You can wear the short skirts, but I’d skip the heels
And don’t go on about how you feel
Just for tonight, bottle your crazy up.

What do you think of “Bottle Your Crazy Up?” To purchase Elieen Carey’s music, you can visit iTunes or her website.