Dappled Sunshine book review gracie Thornes first hit book release

For sale on amazon.com Dappled sunshine but…. 2 left, sold out. Kinndle has a few left. Released by the authors house on it’s way to become a bestseller. 5 star reviews. Good reads for example.


Gracie is a close friend I kicked her but a few times to write this book. Finally she dit it. Took me 3 years. Know that it’s finidhed it does what I told her sell!

Gracie Thorne first hit is kinda like ” Out of Africa” the difference is her childhood versus Karen Blixens life. Humor, sadness, kindness in one.

If you start reading it and saw that movie you picture instant where you are.

Gracies life is a mix of emotion, hard life, humor, war and a radical change to choose for herself something she never dit before. In reading dazzled you cant stop. You want to finish it. Thank she writes part 2 as we speak, her revelation. I can’t wait to read it. Good sign me being impatience meaning it is a Dan Browm, Nici French like kind of book. It sells itself.

She writes in a awsome way her biografie and kept the tone that I know, with a great sense of humor a sad story. She learned to forgive herself, embrazed life, the only thinh that never changed is the angle inside her. It grew bigger.

She grew up in Africa Rhodesia (Zambia) her heart, mind body are there, her spirit to but circumstances forced her to move first to South Africa then another part of the world. The story of her life. Force. Reaching out, follow and forgetting herself. Untill you say “stop “.

She breaths Africa and takes you to a countrty loved by many and unfortunate grabbed by Ebola. It tells us what WE need to learn about Africa. How they people are. How she grew up on a small farm, how they where forced to leave it after colonidation ended and how she moved with some relatives to another country. How she still moarns about the loss of a relative and how she heard of another. All combined in a perfect pageturner. A book that all should read. Because her story is ours. Learn from it, buy it and make a movie, we so need a second “Out of Africa” after the colonies. I say 10 stars. Not because she is a best buddy! No because this book deserves it.

She still misses the old days… Dappled Sunshine is why Believe is created.

about Gracie Thorne the authors house Dazzeled Sunsine

Gracie Thorne began writing Dappled Sunshine in her late forties, after moving with her two adopted children and brain-injured husband to Ireland from South Africa. She has been described as deeply sensitive to the needs of others, always putting them first. Finally, she decided to put herself first in order to survive the conflicting emotions brought about by tragedies in her own life and her family’s life. This true-life story brings a message of deep hope, victory, and long-suffering, mixed with humour and fond memories of the author’s early childhood in Rhodesia. The message will inspire you and remind you never to give up hope, no matter how deeply you sink into depression and suicidal thinking after experiencing an unrecoverable loss. You are worth the fight. You are eternal and not as alone as you think you are.

Dappled Sunshine portrays life at its premium. Sunshine eludes the Thorne family as areas of shade smother their happiness and attempt to dampen their spirits. But hope springs eternal for every suffering soul as the Holy Spirit gives life and comfort in the most dreadful of times. The family’s joy is replenished through their contact with nature. Gradually, the Thornes’ pain is softened with new hope and with the realisation that life is indeed a journey from which one cannot escape. This enables them to continue with their hearts replenished with love and gratitude.

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Gracie’s life was hard, it was very hard, but she did all the right things (apart from going back home on ‘that’ night, but love is blind and Gracie knows that very well!). Her love for children is touching even though they are not her own blood. The respect she shows for her children’s mothers is remarkably well written. The strength Gracie finds inside herself are a lesson for everybody.
Life doesn’t run on a straight line and Gracie knows that. We feel her troubles and we empathize with her, we see her fighting and we want to fight like her. And she will never lose. Because she believes.
“Dappled Sunshine” is funny and perturbing while having the courage to encourage us.