Germany marks fall of Berlin Wall

Germany marks fall of Berlin Wall

25 jaar geleden viel de muur in Berlijn.  De muur die Oost en West gescheiden hield en het land in twee delen had gesplists na de 2de wereldoorlog.

Een muur met een muur en dubbele bodem. Duizenden vlogen iets later de grenzen over. Maar wat heeft het de “Ossies” gebracht??? Helaad een hoop ellende. Veel beter werd het niet helaas.

Rest te stellen dat de “prijs voor vrijheid erg hoog is.”


Celebrations are being held in Germany to mark the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Concerts and exhibitions are being staged in the city and Chancellor Angela Merkel will later attend a huge open-air party at the Brandenburg Gate.

White balloons marking a stretch of the wall will be released to symbolise its disappearance.

The Berlin Wall was built in 1961 to stop people fleeing from Communist East Germany to the West.

Its fall in 1989 became a powerful symbol of the end of the Cold War.

Chancellor Merkel will be joined for the festivities by former Polish trade union leader Lech Walesa and Mikhail Gorbachev, the last Soviet leader.

The wall stretched for 155km (96 miles) through Berlin but today only about three kilometres of it still stands.

Within a year of its collapse, Germany – divided after its defeat in World War Two – was reunited.


More than a million visitors have descended on Berlin for the weekend of festivities that will culminate later on Sunday at the Brandenburg Gate.

The monument itself was inaccessible during the partition of Germany and is seen as a symbol of the country’s reunification.

On Saturday, people posed for photos in front of the few remaining graffiti-daubed slabs of the wall, or read information boards about life under Berlin’s 28-year division.

Others admired the art installation of almost 7,000 white balloons, pegged to the ground and winding along a 15km (nine miles) stretch of the wall’s route.

At the bustling Potsdamer Platz, which was once cut in two by the wall, a small crowd watched archive footage of East German demonstrators chanting: “We are the people.”

Geraldine Bray, 68, visiting from the UK, said the memory of 9 November 1989 had stayed with her.

“I was at home making the evening meal and put on the news. It was very, very memorable,” she said.

Striking a more sombre note, Mr Gorbachev, 83, warned on Saturday that the world was on the brink of a new Cold War.

Ware woorden….. Corbachev aanwezig gaf een  speech. Een sombere. De koude oorlog is weer begonnen….

Lang leve “vrijheid”