Laurie Beebe Lewis soon in San Diago


Featured Show

SAT OCT 25 2014
Kahn’s Cave Grill & Bar
San Diego, CA | 06:00 PM

Laurie is a multi talent. Played in severall bands like “The Mommas and the Papas” our interview is in the finish stage. But be honest who doesn’t want to see her live.

As a singer for “Pitche Blende” a great local band back in the early 1970s that thrived during the heyday of Michigan Rock ’n Roll, Laurie achieved almost instant notoriety. She was a heartthrob to many of the boys that gaped slack-jawed at her sensual energy and natural beauty. She had an untrained yet powerful voice that could reach the stratosphere. As a young adult she moved to Chicago, joined “The Buckinghams” and never looked back. She achieved massive success as a full member of the “Mamas & the Papas” and toured with them for several years. Through her experiences in show-biz she gained an understanding of complex relationships within a wider social framework. She’s on a first name basis with several famous icons from the era and has been able to maintain these relationships to the present day. Laurie is able to see the divine in art, poetry, music and love.”

—  Robert “Bo” White,The Review