Ebola worlds biggest threatth: ‘Five S Leone cases per hour’

I dare to say that its planned to spread rappit and make people get it. This outbreak is human intended. Not like the other prior cases. Never before so many where infected in different countries same time and with a war or fundamtalistic killers this bio wipe out humanity!


Love life is gone hotshots planned it. Thanks for killing humanity in the most horrific way.

Ebola: ‘Five S Leone cases per hour’ http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-africa-29453755


Massively unreported’

Save the Children says Ebola is spreading across Sierra Leone at a “terrifying rate”, with the number of new cases being recorded doubling every few weeks.

It said that even as health authorities got on top of the outbreak in one area, it spread to another.

The scale of the disease is also “massively unreported” according to the charity, because “untold numbers of children are dying anonymously at home or in the streets”.

Earlier this month, Britain said it would build facilities for 700 new beds in Sierra Leone but the first of these will not be ready for weeks, and the rest may take months.

But Save the Children said that unless the international community radically stepped up its response, people would continue to die at home and risk infecting their family and the local community.

“We are facing the frightening prospect of an epidemic which is spreading like wildfire across Sierra Leone, with the number of new cases doubling every three weeks,” said Rob MacGillivray, the charity’s country director in Sierra Leone.

Safety trials for two experimental vaccines are under way in the UK and US, the WHO said on Wednesday, and will be expanded to 10 sites in Africa, Europe and North America in the coming weeks.

It said it expected to begin small-scale use of the experimental vaccines in West Africa early next year.