Kabam does it again cheat clients we received this ticket

We received this ticket from someone who plays hobbit the hackers dungeon of kabam.
See screens to refresh your memory Ion is back Belan in custody helping to catch tesla his jackpot lower sentence but Ion now in South America still runs the servers in payijg of employers.

Oh yes gamers dont buy miths cause its useless tickets dissapear sales dropped 78% due to it. Gamers dont take the crap anymore.

This is an example of the last events they had.

i demand and claim our prize and claim 2 for xxxxx who won in alliance B and with us. I demand my 780 mondays chest cause i know exactly what happened no issues but plain darn prendre furies rage tesla Ion Dragomir server hack, cut the crap and give whats ours release my account xxx with email xxxxxx and dont fool me its not possible in both accounts i miss chests 780 in xxxxx 500 in tks 8 jackpots both and 2000 mith stolen by ugly duck ion dragomir aka evil ivey hack thunder trojanman etc. You cant fool codenane cxxxxxx what you pulled of in 3 events on a row is a disgrace for the game industry and so childish why is jordan the thief back inlaw wanted Dragomir? I am speechless custody a trial coming up gives the. Server acces and you hite him back knowing he changes his last name. Why dont you run backgrounds jordan and his unsignef tickets closimgs he closed all mine, no daily inlog, the chests etc etc you ow me 7800 euro in sales!!!!!!! 1700 chests in totall where are they? Furies. Dont mess with the rebel here and give whats mine and alliance c rank 2 xxxx rank 1 x and x prize and 2 bilj food in 127-287 it never came 80 bilj rss but now you give it cause i will file every hout 1 ticket untill you give in and write every hour to stop buying your best client stopped cause i asked her she boycots like 2 miljon others you are down in sales 78% why? Cause helpdesk only closes tickets never delivers unless you are a hacker no wonder the fbi sits next to you think kabam i have enough of the lies be honest for once