Help us to stop kabam cheating us

Gamers have enough of all the errors, issues with the game that they announced a boycot to buy mithrils needed to buy items. In other words sales will drop huge.

World 103/146 are packed with hsckers so called alliances who are one usins wpprendre98000.wix.fix in the tornetwork full with tools to hack the system.

Kabam gives no answers, not responding, their helpdesk is a farce their gametram are paid by east european hackers,

This chaos is known by kabam, who sells illegal mith to on a website!!! A game team menber does it. This is the website:


In kom battle of the north they warn dont buy, in hobbit they sell cheap mith and tricks. Miljons of gamers are robbed by kabam.

We received this from someone who asked ” why are there so many errors” this the answer.


Our advice boycot and send multip