Why we are teached in “Islam” is no religion


My arabic is poor. In fact I don’t talk arabic and what I see is not what I want to see.

Look at the above. Can you read it? All I asked is “do you tweet English to?” Apparantly I found a roothcanal…

Thing is it feets us all with a feeling “see you can’t trust them” the language barriere does it. They keep talking. I have no clue nor interest anymore. These guys make it impossible for the Islam to gain respect.

Skattered in cells all around us they want to rule a free world. Its a cult in the religion itself.

Islam is devided in different cults. A few try to “save us” in the same way we dit with the crusaders, religious wars, inquisition. FORCE it upon us.

No need to say it feeds hate for all who are Islam. Muhamed Ali’s biggest fight was his refusal to fight in the Vietnam war “we dont kill nor fight in wars”.

Malcolm X who fought for freedom in the years of dr. Martin Luther King and later is also Islam.

Malcolm used violence in the peace marshes he fought back. Martin not.

Today we fight again. In we now the WESTERN WORLD AGAINST ISLAMIC COUNTRIES we give warnings fight wars and brainwash 3 generations.

WE Western learn “Islam is the threath and kill for the freedom we fought for” the “normal cults fight and say “we want to live in peace and harmony (70%) ” 12% is extremist. The cults who kill, buthcher, slaughter, torture etc. Small groups who think they rule.

And meanwhile we humans, stupid enough as we are, start to hate all we can see as ” Islam”.

We forget they have the same 10 commentments 1) thy shall not kill … its the scattered cults of Mohameds grandson who creates the chaos. Those started the violence and wars.

Thats 2 cults!!! Bummer, dang WHAT. Yes 2 cults. Who try to rule not miljons 1 miljon tops.

How can we stop it? Easy. Talk to the Politicians don’t accept their bullies and state clear what you think. They cannot even win this bloody war! 9 seals teams and they are gone.

The question is WHY WE UN AND BIG COUNTRIES allow it! A few who get away with it.

Was it not this sentence that woke us up? ” one day we can live as brothers and sisters” qoute Jezus and Marten Luther and dr. Martin Luther King and so many others.

Unfortunate the rulers forgot it. Time for us to take back the democracy and freedom we fought for.

Believe and it will happen. Stand up. Make a fist and let us stop it.