‘Asia (Music) – Party Tonight’

Asia (Music) – Party Tonight:

Every now and then a talented musician comes along via social media. Recent I got via Twitter the oppertunity to look at Asia. Teen and so extreme full of talent. Which is rare. We have musicians AND musicians some stand above the crowd. I think Asia is one them. I believe in her so stay tuned on believe. More Asia, an artist I found is on ReverbNation. Check them out here:
reverbanation Asia


Teen Artist Asia just dropped New  Single and Music video, “Party Tonight” .Sugary radio-friendly cuts like this Single are pure polite,cutesy teen-R&B fare which are very difficult for the ear to ignore. To top it all, Asia is also very cute, photogenic young girl, which just adds more spice to the sugar!  
Does she deliver? And she does so, delivering through all the hype attached to her young age. She’s just a natural, throwing out her vocals to epic proportions, displaying her talent and range.

Her Song and video performance is fun, upbeat yet mellow and easy on the ear, and her voice does have a nice kick and  sweetness to it that makes the whole package very enjoyable indeed. 

Asia is very Melodic with her vocals, and sings with smooth sweetness. Be on the lookout for this upcoming Artist as she is on the verge of something new and fresh in the Pop/ R&B Scene. 

Video Party Tonight  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z5ewkHfGAtY  
Website  http://www.soofficialasia.com/  
Twitter https://twitter.com/soofficialasia  
EKP http://www.reverbnation.com/rpk/therealasia  

Nichole Sprueil, manager

Autor: Isabel Blanco