Free your mind and soul (I have dream)


Life is never easy its a hard a bumpy road with many obsticles to take. Not to long ago I lost my brother my niece, my mother, a very close friend and my own life. My life and body are “reminders” of what I used to be. A body sick of a non functional bloodchromosom 22 that makes it almost impossible to make healty bloodcells and the combi with a bacteria eats it it little by little away. My dad heard that his lung tumor is cancer. Together we walk the road hand in habd together.

However my mind is mine, the stars in my eyes are mine, my sould belongs to me. Sane counts for my dad.

Nobody can take away the incredible things we saw, achieved and have done, those are no ghosts but a list of things needed to be done.

I was brought up with the idea never give up hope. I am glad that they teached me that, dispite the pain, the hurt that I feel, my mind is free, my spirit to. I don’t know what tomorrow brings but I do know this: