The story behind this song Zelda

I  received it via twitter and wanted to know more about the song.

Catskill wrote me this wonderfull story.


I wrote Zelda in the summer of 2012 my goal was to tell a story of my life’s journey encapsulate it in 3 and a half minutes or so

Zelda is about me getting a message from God one night, it was a clear message the way to make my families life better, more comfortable is to travel and leave my city for other lands.

I grew up going to church my family taught me when I was a kid to always pray before I go to sleep, always pray for our family members and pray to be closer to our creator.

My music was always getting buzz but it never took off like I always thought it would so I made a lot of promises to my daughter that we will have a nice big house and we’ll be able to travel the world.

So when I wrote Zelda I was explaining the dark forces that were negative self talk because I never attained any real success I just had a buzz but you can’t travel the world with just a buzz.

Zelda is my prayer for a better life for all of us something to mediate on and give us a positive outlook on the future.

Zelda is about my love that I haven’t met yet she is just out of sight but I am getting closer every day.

Zelda is produced & mixed by Ken Lewis I wanted it to have a real classic sound to it something that wouldn’t just be trendy for a summer.

Right now I am coming up with a kickstarter video to complete my album Little King hoping Zelda becomes successful so when I release my Kickstarter video I will have people know who I am.

This is my short story.

Zelda is a Hip Pop Power Ballad unlike anything you have ever heard before.

Produced & mixed by Ken Lewis.

CatSkill – Zelda (Official Video)

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