Gaypride 2014 Amsterdam remembers victims flight MH17 (dreams serie column)

A few days ago many talked about the biggest Gay event in the world. Especiallly due to the moarning of the huge loss of planecrash MH17 of 193 Dutch citizensz. Should this important event take place and if so do the victims have a “spot” in it. They have a front row place.

Amsterdam choose the perfect way to honor both. The start the canalparade with boats from the Aidsfonds who lost one of its most important members mr Joep Lange who lost his live on his way to a conference in Melbourne. The opening honors those we lost, love and cherish.


I am very happy about it. This weekend for the gay community is the biggest in the world. And WE are equal. You and me. Not the usual you me gay black muslim diversity. WE ARE ONE. HUMAN. Same color of blood no matter what we are. Gay Straight. For me there is no difference (besides pedophiles they don’t fit in our community and are a threath).

The Gay Rights are especialy these day’s so important as voice, events like these are needed. As long as they get deathsentences, jailed up, beaten up, discriminated we all need to fight for 1 community with no diversity. My gay/lesbian friends are part of me and you. Their role is as important as yours but their road is bumpy hard and full of hate intollerance and ignorance. The human species is an odd one. We are fools with all our judgements. No need to name countries we can dream the list. Such a a bloody shame.

Especially today. Russian rocket 208 death flight MH17 and Putins shamefull anti gay laws and Africa, Middle East, Asia, USA….. grow up!

Amsterdam asks us this:
Coming Saturday, Amsterdam is celebrating gay pride. To show your support for our freedom to choose with whom you want to share your friendships and relationships, the social media will turn pink this weekend. Share your pride pics in pink with #Roze (#Pink). Make your pics pink at or get one of the photofilters which are distributed in Amsterdam. Share your love, share your pics in pink this Saturday!”

My murdered brothered brother was gay. A proud gay men who died age 43 octobre 24 2009. He dedicated half his half for gayrights. Helped young gays and lesbian to “get out of the closed”. We my dad and I. Mom diseased in 2012 have a life sentence and the gay community lost a fighter who believed in equality. Who hated discrimination and fought his whole life for the gay community. A hero at least mine…….

He visited Amsterdam severall times. Saw it grow in the biggest event and I know that he is there celebrating life and the same rights for all. Those who really knew him still miss him. I assure you he is still among us. In our hearts and even more in events like these.

With all my love and heart I pray we get a world free of hate. Where we accept and embrace the gay comminuty. And I thank the organisation for giving the victims of flight MH17 a place…


This year 80 boats will join the Canal Parade through the Amsterdam canals. The first boats in the parade will be of Aids Fonds. They lost several employees, colleagues and allies in the MH17 crash. Their floats will be a tribute to these people.


What is it?

The Canal Parade is the highlight of the Amsterdam Gay Pride weekend! 80 decorated boats sail along the Prinsengracht. The parade starts at 13:30 at Westerdok (near the Central Station) and the route follows Prinsengracht and the Amstel to Oosterdok.

The event is the second biggest of Amsterdam. Thousands of spectators get early to the canals for the best spot. Most fun is to walk along the route, from the Central Station side towards the Amstel.

Many guys have private parties on small boats on the side of the canal.


author: Isabel Blanco