Bio engineers save our world but we need our help

If I ask you to watch this shocking movie you understand a lot more whu our climate is changing.

I am not an expert but smart enough to watch that chsnges are needed soon. Watch outside, heatwaves, tropical storms in areas where 23c is normal. Yes Holland gets warmer in the summer, code orange wheather warnings occure more and moree as well as tornado’s in Europe!

Tornado’s ih the US cause huge drama and impact. Oklahamo city. They are huge. Tyfoons Asia China had the worst in 40 years! Tyfoons, tropical storms, heat or huge cold. All changes rapid and the UN had to admit that their figures are incorrect.

As we speak new measurements are made but Bilderberg does not want a change. Dan Brown fiction? Really? Or truth. I say 80% is real. Bilderberg is far from “nice” a biljon orso in population to max 4 is enough. That brings Ebola outbreak in Africa in a different perspective, or the fact they foumd the smallpocks virus in a lab in the US.

Who wins the battle? Bilderberg or Illuminati? Who knoes darn well we cannot halfsize the population. But a change is definitive needed right now. If we wabt to stay alive.