‘Shylock’ malware hit by authorities

‘Shylock’ malware hit by authorities http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-28245598


10 juli 2014 19:10
NCA officers
The action was lead by cybersecurity experts from the UK’s National Crime Agency
A cybersecurity threat known as Shylock has been disrupted thanks to an international operation, the UK’s National Crime Agency (NCA) has said.

Shylock was said to have been installed on more than 30,000 machines worldwide, but mostly targeted bank accounts of people living in the UK.

As ever, the NCA urged the public to make sure their security software was fully up-to-date.

The action follows a similar effort led by US authorities last month.

The Zeus botnet was said to have infected more than a million computers worldwide.

The US is seeking a Russian man, Evgeniy Bogachev, in connection with the operation.