New cybercrime tests for banks

New cybercrime tests for banks

Qoute bbc
” Bad guys

The new cybersecurity strategy, known as CBEST, is the first of its kind for the financial services sector and tests will begin this summer.

“The results should provide a direct readout on a firm’s capability to withstand cyber-attacks,” said Andrew Gracie, the Bank of England’s executive director of resolution.

James Chappell is chief technology officer at Digital Shadows, one of the security firms taking part in the tests. He explained how they would differ from previous vulnerability testing:

“Previous tests were carried out by a geeky guy who tried various technical ways to get into a system and then presented a report to the bank.

“These tests will mimic the behaviour of the bad guy, whether that be a hacktivist, organised crime or a nation state, it will emulate the same techniques they would use.”

Will it ever stop? No. Be carefull!!