Kabam at last fixing hackers and android problems bans rank 1 world player

KABAM at best. Ban and send a unknown ticket to ask info. How do you prefent issues inside your company? This is not the way. The screens come one way or the other way. Like press members has no resources.


After writing hackers activity… Finally maintenance.

Thats how they treath honesty after 1 message android is hacked. KABAM HATES IT BAD FOR SALES. There are so many mistakes made now in customer service. In my case tickets I never filed!!!

There is a big investigating going on due to the hack. 1 employer blocked the fbi access. Read back. 1 employer blocked fbi access. That is an open ticket. When I find something I send it to that person who investigates and who knows know from me that even the FBI IS BLOCKED.

In that case I received this. 2 tickets I never filed nor can find.

“On that note, I unfortunately need to direct your attention back to an issue we discussed when I first contacted you in case 02236754. On both April 30th and April 24th, we asked that you refrain from continually opening duplicate or additional cases about these players, and to instead keep all reports directly to me. We warned that if you continued to Spam our support system, not only would it hinder our ability to assist you, it could lead to actions against your account. Since that time, you have continued to spam our support with these reports in separate tickets. More importantly yesterday we found that you had made a serious violation of our Terms of Service by attempting to forge a fake letter from our CEO. You made this report in case 02392698.”

I have shaked my mailbox upside down. The only tickets where harrashment bassing from a banned person gaming in another name now. There was a flipwar between 2 alliances created by a gamer. I found 490 tickets in a few I asked clarification. Because they are not mine.

Kabams customer service has a lot to learn. Why not reply to a ticket ask for an answer and then send the “how dit we do” ticket. Kabam unfortunate is known for closing tickeys as soon as they arrive. Google kabam all you find is “worst company” “leave asp” “never game there” “player use your playname to violate toss” I fount 12000 hits of warnings.

Others who spam in my name denie all at all at once while being asked. Does it mean they are innocent? With a might event? What do you think if the “might builder is banned? Sick but even that is a lie. GC is like gossip tmz in 1 episode. Sometimes fun mostly a snake hole

Kabam self stays ; “no idea what you are talking about modus” but a short count in The Hobbit makes a total of 70% hacked accounts. Maybe more. The andriod hack ticket never was answered. Not even the how dot we survey.


But denial is the focus while other companies work hard to repair the bugs as reported by the bbc.

Kabam is the only company that is NOT WORKING on the problems with android. Large company stockmarket company who looses little by little their credibility. Due to 1 employer gameteam mr pasta. Dutchie

How do can you see it or notice it? The game app was allready “infected” it comes out clean in scans its android itself that they dont fix. Why should they? The looser is kabam here. Because I will not stop publishing.

kabam nederlands

Kabam maak het wel erg bont. Er waren problemen met de apps van de games nu is meer dan de.

Nu android is gehack is Kabam de enigste die NIETS doet aan het probleem. Een insider werknemer die er wel de lol van inziet het bedrijf om zeep te helpen. Gameteam lid 103 die 2 alliances om zeep hielp en nooit macht verliest. Pasta.

De persoon erachter wordt van binnenuit geholpen. Server toegang. Tickets verdwijnen. Of je krijgt ze in mijn geval in grote aantalken gratis en iedereen ontkent. Dat android gehacked is deert ze niet. Of wel? De insider breekt af wat de ander fixed.

Zelfs de fbi heeft geen toegang meer. Goed werk kabam.


Kabam zwijgt in alle talen ……


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