Kabams employer cheats around

This is shocking, he gsve 2 hackers acces to hack themselves into the ksbam servers we gibe a few examples of what he stole from gamers.

Ow yes he is back the employer boy they sure make it easy for Ion Dragomir tesla group this was in april now june same old story my punishemend?


A ban….. lifted by a collegue but hey J is in charge…


Hobbit you could won in fortune wherl this chest, gamer still waits a month now.

Op 26 mrt. 2014 22:32 schreef “Kabam Support” :
Salutations ,

Thank you for taking the time to contact us back.

As a player myself, I can understand how this matter has been frustrating and I greatly apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you.

After carefully reviewing your account and your concerns, I was able to grant you the
700 bronze, 300 silver, 14 jackpot!s and 20 hobbit runecrafters to suffice for the troubles you are running into.

Respectfully yours
Kabam Support

Another wheel chest 20 mithril!!!

Closed tickets




Or the above ticket is about anothe wheel

This one extreme worse example.